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    REPO! The Genetic Opera

    This one is kinda under the radar but i thought I would make a thread for it and see if anyone else here was into it. If you a fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show this is kinda along the same lines but a little more serious(just a little ). It only got a limited release but i lucked out and got to see it in Austin opening night and really enjoyed it.

    There are some really good songs and one or two that are still entertaining but kinda out of place. The story is very original and the interplay between that characters is great. Synopsis goes like this:

    In the future Industry and technology has caused rampant organ failure. To Fulfill the demand for Organ transplants GeneCo is founded by Rotti Largo who provides organ financing plans. Surgery becomes fashion and fad at which point through his influence Rotti convinces government to legalize organ repossession!

    I wont spoil the rest but you can get the meat of the story from the trailer, this is pretty much the setting. So check out the site, if its playing in your town and its your flavor i highly recommend checking it out.

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    This is definitely on my "to see" list.

    I Love You!

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