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    Take a look at the Moon Lander high score from Kojack510. It has a 64 at the end of it. This means he is obviously cheating, because its impossible to get a score that isnt divisible by 100. Every time you land on a new pad, you get 100 more points, you can't get like, 64 more points. I don't even think he realized that when he cheated, which is why he's now going to be caught, and banned, hopefully. Another peculiar thing is his Flash Circle Tower Defense score, its like, in the 8000's when everyone else is down in 2 or 3k. As we speak i've got a record game running for me, and I'm currently at 3277. Getting 8000 in that game is, as far as I'm aware, impossible, and I'm pretty well versed in this game since once I've lost this match, I'll hold the new legit high score. Actually, maybe not -_- unfortunately this is a tournament match, I don't know if it will show up in the actual high score list. Anyways, let me know what you think about this, and if you agree he should be banned for that odd moon lander score.

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    First of all, moved to the proper forum.

    Second of all, read this thread:

    And lastly, it will be investigated and dealt with. You PM'd me about it but I encourage members to leave it at that - don't open a thread complaining about another member - there's nothing good that will come out of it.

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