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    Thank you for pointing out the obvious.

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    why cant u guys believe he cant lead. i now he gets out of control sometimes but that is sometimes he has improved a lot after kakishi trained him i think he is more calm and can lead a group.

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    Kakashi trained him to control his element, NOT improve his leadership skills. Naruto is as reckless as ever, and he lacks the leadership qualities needed to become a chunnin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alterno View Post
    Fawad the keyword is probably, but until he not prove it, then he can't lead missions. Because he is not allowed to. Konoha is a military force and is how it works. And he risked Kakashi's life by rushing in engaging Deidara. All he had in mind was gaara, gaara and he forgot about his team mates. Continues below this quoted text»

    Naruto is going to be Kick ass Hokage by the time and for sure he is going to surpass evey Hokage including Arashi Kazama and Tsunade in all the terms and not just about strenght. What I love of this Manga and the Anime (including fillers) is that I actually can see the character's development which is very interesting. They have a hard time mastering their abilities + Each great attack means a great a risk for the user. Is not like my previous favorite serie (dragon ball), where goku becomes Super Saiya-jin and don't receive any damage from that amazing source of power. I honestly hope to see the chunin exams for naruto, is also a good excuse to introduce new enemies or re-introduce old ones (Kabuto).
    exactly!!!! i feel the same way... i like the progression it keeps you interested in it i hope as naruto progresses he becomes faster just like yondaime! i mean hes already mastered his jutsu, i swear hes going to look just like him when hes hokage..
    Yondaime <3 Naruto

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    Quote Originally Posted by fawad=naruto View Post
    why cant u guys believe he cant lead. i now he gets out of control sometimes but that is sometimes he has improved a lot after kakishi trained him i think he is more calm and can lead a group.
    Exactly what anime gal said, Kakashi trained him in the development of a new jutsu not to improve his leadership skills. Why I can't believe he can lead?. Simple becuse he never stop thinking a second about their parter till they are in really danger. Yes Naruto cares about their partner and he is always willing to wage his life for his partners and friends but this happens just after they are being hurt. Again I like naruto because he is not a KA hero, he is a Kick ass hero in development. So far he have shown a good capacity to develop strategies in battle, we saw that when sakura and him were fighting against Kakashi and when he fought against Kazuzu, but he still needs to show that he can use his head to lead a team.

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    lol as i said in another post subtle things seperate those of kage level and kage candididates for now naruto isnt a candidate untill he strts to plan more tacticly, hes shown he getting there with his use of shadowclones but hes gotta turn that skill to the whole mission if he hopes to lead.
    hmm i wonder what obitos doing right now.... decomposing and smelling up the joint i gess coz hes dead!!

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    I fail to see the purpose of this thread. It's a given that although Naruto is a genin, his fighting ability is that of at least a chuunin or higher. There is no debate about it, it's a given. Naruto, is a genin but he can fight against S ranked shinobi such as akatsuki, I'm preeeeetty sure that stating although he's a genin, he's more powerful than the average genin is redundant and unnecessary.

    Thread closed.


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