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Why would sasuke would lie to oro bout his real motive? he wanted kill him, Why would you lie to someone you are about to kill? that doesnt make sense. And your basing a lot of your opinion of assumption. Im gonna have to agree with elm on this one. But Still sasuke truly wanted to make sure he can beat itachi at full strength, He should of fought oro when he wasn't weak. Seems like sasuke is taking a huge risk. W/o the MS, Itachi will always pwn sasuke
if you take a better look you'll realize that what i was trying to stress was that sasuke's true motives for leaving orochimaru was the fact that orochimaru was similar to itachi. he felt that both of them had manipulated the lives of people just to accomplish their selfish desires. sasuke doesn't only say that he doesn't have anything to learn from orochimaru but he feels disgusted with his methods of achieving power. i never said that sasuke lied to orochimaru i just said that he killed orochimaru becuz he was like itachi. i think from the speech sasuke gave oro before killing him, oro would have been able to know that sasuke killed him becuz of his methods of gaining power.