I've been thinking. Sasuke knows Oro cant beat itachi, even when oro is %100. Yet sasuke still killed oro in his WEAKEST state. now he is chasing after itachi. I dont see the logic in that. If sasuke knows he cant beat oro at full strength, then what makes him think he can beat itachi at full? He kills oro in his weakest state then goes after a healthy itachi. I dont think that shows his confidence in his abilities to take down Itachi.

I know some of you will argue that he only left cause oro was gonna takeover his body etc..etc... Thats not true because sasuke clearly states he has nothing more to learn from oro. I HIGHLY DOUBT that since oro is a damn legendary sannin, No way could he thought all the jutsu's in 3 years. If you argue he left because he didnt want his body to takeover, well doesn't that show fear of oro? Or he left because oro was very weak. Well nothing like a lil medicine wont do a temporary fix, you seen how oro was when fought naruto. So i dont see the other arguement of him leaving because oro was to weak to teach. If he was really confident in taking down itachi, he should of been able to handle oro no problem. I dont see the logic behind sasuke's thinking. Anyone care to explain?