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    Who is Tobi? :) got a theory

    Well... we recently found out toby was the leader of akatsuki. He also got Sharingan. buuuut... he only got 1 eye, how come? is his face naturally that way? or did it get fucked up somehow? hmm... lets take a look back in time.. with kakashi and his team mate who was a part of the uchiha clan, he got sharingan and died as he got buried after lot of stone(well correct me if im wrong, long time since i read that part). kakashi took 1 of his eyes(leaving him one eye). He got smashed up under stone(maybe that left his face fu**ed?

    short version - He got about the same hairstyle as kakashi's friend(meh.. its 1000 years ago but still..) - He got one eye (kakashi took one eye from his friend right before he got burried in stone(smashing his face) well the face part i dont know. any1 thinks this might be a good theory?

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    move your thread... + everyone has a theory on tobi-obito... this isnt a spoiler its more tobi-obito or tobi theorys... wrong place bud sorryz
    Yondaime <3 Naruto

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