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    What Abilities/Bloodline would you choose?

    What special ability (ex.Kakuzu) or bloodline would you choose from the people you have actaully seen it used. So this means, No Pein or anything since we dont know how he fights. NO SHARINGAN OR JINCHUUKURI cuz i know everyone will say those two.

    Personally, I would choose kimmaro or Orochimaru
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    Hidan's immortality and voodoo like abilities.

    That'd be sweet.

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    lol, From the looks of your sig and avatar, i thought you would choose a sound ninja

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    I would of picked Sharingan but... since you said not to pick it. I'd pick... the 3rd kazekage's ability to control iron like he did.

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    yea, i would of picked the sharingan too, but then there would be no discussion cuz i know everyone would either pick sharingan or a jinchuuriki.

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    haku i think its called hyoten or something like that. no one would survive my ice mirrors

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    personally i would choose the super speed of the 4th. cant hit what ya cant see
    Yondaime <3 Naruto

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    No Sharingan? geez...

    I'll take Byakugan then, even though its like 10x weaker than the Sharingan.

    All the Doujutsu in Naruto is pimp'in.

    Quote Originally Posted by Acidshivers View Post
    personally i would choose the super speed of the 4th. cant hit what ya cant see
    and i believe the 4th speed is a jutsu, not a bloodline limit.
    Quote Originally Posted by CiTo_Uchiha View Post
    Kishi says:

    Uchiha = God

    Uzumaki = Shit

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    Hiraishin no Jutsu. I'd choose that one as well.

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    well besides sharingan hands down Byakagun but since there in the same class.. ill say Kimimarus ability.. damn.. ill be unkillable..

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