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    Espada - Captains?

    Anyone notice the similarities between the Espada and Gotei 13 captains/Shinigami?

    Yammy - ? Possibly Konomaru because of large size.
    Aaroniero Arleri - Technically, he is Kaien, who wasn't a captain. But Aaroniero technically wasn't an espada.
    Szayel Aporro Grantz - Mayuri Kurotsuchi. They're both crazy scientists.
    Grimmjow - Obviously Zaraki Kenpachi
    Noitora - Slanted eyes and smile reminds me a bit of Ichimaru, and personality like Zaraki
    Ulquiorra - Byakuya. They're both calm, and intelligent
    Halibel - Soi Fon. Both female, silent, have a similar facial expression.
    Un-named Black espada - Tousen. They're both silent, and well, black.
    Un-named Old espada - possibly Yamamoto.
    Stark - Shunsui Kyōraku. Both lazy

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    Ofcourse there are similarities - That's the entire point, and each espada will probably end up fighting their corresponding Captain when the war begins.

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    and that is why Bleach is getting boring. too repetitive.

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    yeah the need 2 bring in something new a twist in the plot anything

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    I have a twist, LMAO,

    Inoue is pregnant with Aizen's love child!

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    of jesus a soul reaper with fairy powers what a combination

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    Alright, this thread really isn't going anywhere. I think this has been brought up in several other threads. Now the posts are just getting spammy.

    Destination: graveyard.

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