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    Lightbulb Comment to: Ganz, chapter 284-factory-concerning transulations

    Hello everybody

    I'm Kaien and I often read Mangas on this page. My first language is German,
    so I'm sorry for my bad English. This brings me to the reason I'm making this thread here:

    In this chapter of Ganz, there are people who speak German. But their language sounds as if someone used the Google-transulator to write this.
    In German the sentences make no sense and when I read the english part I see what they should mean.

    I dont know if you will change them but I will post (hopefully better) transulations for the german sentences. But I cant transulate them from the Japanese but I'll do it with the English.

    - page 7 is fine so far... not very good but not bad.

    - page 13 The - "Machen sie keinen Klang" - part is wrong.
    I guess the German wants to say that the man should make "no noise/be silent/not attract attention".
    Then he should say in German:

    "Bitte seien sie still/ruhig." -> Please be silent/qiuet.
    "Bitte machen sie keine Geräusche" -> Please make no noise/sound.

    By the way:
    "Klang" -> means "sound" but from an instrument or a singing voice.

    - page 15 The - "Sie können vielleicht Fotos machen. aber machen den klang nicht" - part is very wrong. If I didn't had the English part I couldn't have guessed what it should mean.

    "Sie können Fotos machen, aber bleiben sie bitte ruhig." -> You can take pictures but please be silent.

    -->I guess he doesnt mean the camera making no sound(??!) but the man.

    If the man means the camera to make no sound then it would be:

    "Sie können Fotos machen, aber schauen sie, dass sie kein Geräusch macht."
    -> You can take pictures but be sure it makes no sound.
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    Thanks for you effort, but it won't be changed.

    Remember, this is the ORIGINAL translation as used in the original manga by Oku.
    Also, mangashare/Binktopia hasnt scanlated this chapter, we just uploaded other
    groups releases to our online reader.

    And by the way, I'm German too. HisshouBuraiken, he's translator for Gantz pm'ed me
    and asked me to translate this immediately after he found out about the German.
    So, I translated it, but in the end we decided to not translate the German parts and leave them untouched, since that's how the japanese people read it.

    Oh, and the other translator, NJT, had it translated by some other German on mangahelpers, but obviously the scanlators decided to not put the english translation into the german bubbles...

    However, it's true that the German that's used there, totally sucks for us native speakers, but it doesn't matter for about 99.9% of the community, so I don't see the problem. And either way, mangashare won't change other groups scanlations.

    Thanks for reading - zid.

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    Ok, I see, but thx for the answer.^^

    Schade, aber ich verstehe, dass es ein viel zu grosser Aufwand wäre.

    Gruss Kaien

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    In the first place we just don't see us in any position to
    change other groups scanlations. It's their work, and we respect it.
    It's not about too much work.

    Also, don't you too think that it's best to not change the mangaka's style?
    Japanese people don't understand the German words in the bubbles anyway,
    and it's the same for nearly everyone in the manga community. So there's
    just no need to change it, in my opinion.

    Be both know what the they wanted to say there, so it's okay.
    But thanks for your effort, it's nice to see people who actually care.

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