View Poll Results: Shishi sonson VS Yahazu giri

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  • Ittouryuu Iai Shishi Sonson(Roronoa Zoro's technique)

    16 64.00%
  • Hanauta Sanchou Yahazu Giri(Brook's technique)

    9 36.00%
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    Well, if you are only assessing those two techniques only, then Zoro's takes the cake. Brook cut through a giant zombie. Zoro cut through Mr.1's devil fruit steel body.

    There is a difference there.
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    I think Zoro's technique is better. I also have to say that i'm not very found of the idea of Brook being a swordsman, especially when Zoro's goal is to be the best. Although it's not confirmed it seems likely that Brook will join the crew, and i wish Oda could have come up with a different way to fight for Brook.

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    I will admit Brook's technique LOOKS a lot more impressive, but when it comes down to it Zoro's is quite a bit more useful. I mean, delayed cutting doesn't really make a difference (that I see, anyway), but cutting through steel... hot damn.

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    dukethegold's theory is correct. but may i add something extra. zorro sonson is powerful but it only damages a small area. now take a look at brook's and ryuuma's notice that the area of damage is high and as an extra cliche it uses some kind of sound wave command from the swordsman's scabbard before it is released. so basically using dukethegold's theory and my thinking i have come up with this. zorro's sonson is good but if you really want to kick ass and not hurt yourself much brook's and ryuuma's yahuzu is your pick. personally i like sonson but since am more to stealth i pick yahuzu giri.

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