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  • Ittouryuu Iai Shishi Sonson(Roronoa Zoro's technique)

    16 64.00%
  • Hanauta Sanchou Yahazu Giri(Brook's technique)

    9 36.00%
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    Zoro's Shishi Sonson vs Brook's Yahazu Giri

    Well,which do you think is better.
    Both of the techniques look alike,so I decided to make this thread.

    Here's the technique pictures from the manga:

    Ittouryuu Iai Shishi Sonson

    Hanauta Sanchou Yahazu Giri

    Spoiler tags fixed

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    maybe yahazu giri would be better since zorro's only using two swords as of the moment^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by elm13 View Post
    maybe yahazu giri would be better since zorro's only using two swords as of the moment^^
    Zoro's Shishi Sonson only uses one sword.

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    I think Zoro's technique is better. I also have to say that i'm not very found of the idea of Brook being a swordsman, especially when Zoro's goal is to be the best. Although it's not confirmed it seems likely that Brook will join the crew, and i wish Oda could have come up with a different way to fight for Brook.

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    I will admit Brook's technique LOOKS a lot more impressive, but when it comes down to it Zoro's is quite a bit more useful. I mean, delayed cutting doesn't really make a difference (that I see, anyway), but cutting through steel... hot damn.

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    Please close the spoiler tags.

    And Zoro is still the far better swordsman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jink View Post
    Please close the spoiler tags.

    And Zoro is still the far better swordsman.
    I chose Brooke's Yahazu Giri as a "better looking attack". However just because something looks cool doesn't mean that it's powerful beyond all belief.
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    Zoro's Shishi Sonson looks better in my opinion. The scene is uncluttered with only Zoro having completed the attack and Mr. 1 falling down in defeat with blood spray carefully drawn in the empty space. I don't know why but it just looks cooler to me.

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    Zoro's technique is almost the sole opposite of Brook's technique.

    True, Brook is obviously much weaker than Zoro. However shall we ignore Brook, but putting Ryuuma into the equation, it's pretty much equal.

    Zoro's technique emphasizes upon physical strength, power, slashing and cutting.

    Brook's technique emphasizes upon agility, precision, stabbing and piercing.

    So which one is better? Who knows? Using three swords is pretty cool, but not everyone has the neck muscle for it. Brook's secret technique was pretty cool.

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    Zoro > Brook anyways. XD But I think you shouldn't put those up against each other. That move is something Zoro made ages ago, and I can't really remember seeing him use it too much.

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