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    It is most likely that Pain will NOT take Kakashi because his goal for this event to Konoha is to get Naruto.

    Besides it would be interesting if Jiraya is one of the bodies, then we will have a similar scenario for Naruto, when the 3:rd against Orochimaru took the first and second hokage as puppets. Hard feelings about fighting their masters.

    What will Naruto do ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phixion View Post
    Kakashi has the chakra reserves of an ant.
    Nah. He's got plenty of chakra. That is the reason why he can actually use the Sharingan to the extent that he can.


    Awesome, just awesome

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    what jiraiya and itachi too. maybe zetsu collects the bodies for pein. i know he got itachi's body, but jiraiya just sank into the water, be smart to use his body too. especially against naruto, who knows nothing about pein's abilities yet.

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    I don't think so because pain is looking for special bodies!

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