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    If I told u I would have to kill u.....upps I just did, so, BEWARE OF THE DOG

    Veritas ~ Dong-Hoon Kim & Yoon Joon-Shik

    From what i heard this manga has at least 7 volumes in its country of origin( i believe is Korea, but i'm not sure) but anyways I see potential on the series, and even though the scans that Hellzone has been using for the scanlation are pretty low quality(don't say it is their fault, actually I'm grateful they did) i'll keep reading the series.

    here is the onemanga link

    Enjoy and let us know what u think

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    The series is great. It has Amazing character personalities.

    I Love You!

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    well there are seven vlolumes. i have all the raws and it really does get even more interesting to those who think otherwise. you can see that he's getting stronger

    also something happens where he gets a huge surge of power. not really sure what they were talking about though since i dont speak/read korean.

    if needed try to message me and i'll try to get the raws to you.

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    hello, I am korean and I did some translating for goong before as a hobby. I would like to try veritas. So can I please have the raws >< you can send them through my email

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    By volumes do you mean chapters? Or do you mean volumes as in collections of chapters? Becauese I would love to know if there were more chapters out there.

    About time someone started a Thread about Veritas. I was going to myself but I thought maybe it just hadn't been read yet. Seems like a great manwha on tier with, and now 1 of, my favorites to read.
    Unfortunately it is somewhat similar to The Breaker, another manwha I started getting into. But due to irregular releases and a better plot in Veritas I would call it the better of the 2 manwha.

    But what about that girl who talks nothing but crap while smiling the whole time. LOL but don't necessarily get why?

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    Yea, I liked it from the first chapter. It's like a manhwa dedicated to ass holes (Seriously has any one introduced so far not been an ass hole?)

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    yeah, sorry about that. i didnt check back for a while; finals and all. you can get a lot of the chapters/volumes from as well as other series. and yes volumes as in collections of chapters. i saw up to volume 7. so if someone could translate that'd be great. cause they're coming out really slow these days raws

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    Ya, i hate how slow there coming out. I want to see what happens next already
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    True about the introductions of stupid characters. I don't get the deal about the girl who spouts crap either :/

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    I love this series lol its so different yet the same as everything else also lol I just love the main character!!!!!!!!!

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