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    Yeah I'll agree that this arc is probably the funniest so far, mainly because of the zombies and of course Luffy is always there to add to the humor

    From Chapter 217 (This was in the first post as well but I think the quote is so much better when you can see Usopp trying to explain it to Luffy.)


    From Chapter 429
    Not really a quote but still one of my favourite panels


    From Chapter 446
    Usopp: Hey Nami is something wrong!?
    Chopper: Eww. Usopp's fart reeks even as far as this
    *Usopp sees Nami naked
    Usopp: (bowing) Thank you
    Chopper: Huh, you thanked her!
    From Chapter 447
    Luffy: I caught him!
    Franky: Me too, it's a strange one
    Tree: Whoa, please overlook me
    Luffy: Hey you, wanna join me on a pirate's c-
    Sanji and Zoro: Stop ******* around!!
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    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    Chapter 216, page 18-19.

    “From now on no matter what happens the sign on this left arm… Will forever be the sign of our friendship! Let’s sail!!”

    Prior to these pages I hadn't liked one piece all too much, it was just something I read every now and then. (I read this page while it was on manga was on the CP9 arc, it was as far as I had gotten.) Following, I proceeded to read every volume released up to the current arc. Just a really strong scene.
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    Chapter 437
    After Robin "inspires" Franky to join the Strawhats
    Chopper: Hey, Robin please don't hurt him
    Please don't turn him into a girl!

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    Two words.

    Happiness Punch. XD That was so unexpected!

    Oh yeah I love Chopper and Ussop's reactions to Nami's rage in this video,

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    "Don't you want to try the nose chopsticks?
    "Seventh level transformation. Cool reindeer."
    Good quality stuff right there.

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    Zoro: How unfortunate! Look at my goggles! Your Flash Gun is powerless against me now! So don't use it anymore...
    Braham: Really? I don't see any shades on those goggles!
    Zoro: Damn it!

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    when they met chopper and he gets finished about people calling him a monster for being a talking deer then monkey and the gang see him talking and scream "MONSTER!!! AHHH"

    lol so many good quotes as im reading thru this

    HAHA looking thru the manga i see "gomu gomu no....baka *he looks like an idiot*" rofl then "gomu gomu.....octopus" and you see his limbs all wrinkle out hahaha

    i actually laughed out loud at quite a few moments while reading this manga
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