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    One Piece quotes

    Gimme your favourite One Piece quotes!
    I'll start up with mine.

    When they have left Alabasta and Vivi told them that she can't go with them Zoro tells them to stop whining after they got away and that they should've taken her by force.

    Chopper: You neanderthal!
    Nami: You Suck!
    Sanji: Marimo
    Luffy: Santouryuu
    Usopp: That's not an insult luffy
    Luffy: Ya, Yontouryuu
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    Alabasta, Rainbase:
    Luffy: Come on, you stupid banana, I will kick your ass!
    Usopp: No no, it's a crocodile. Bananas are growing out of it.
    Luffy: (Ignores Usopp), you stupid banana!
    Usopp: Now listen to me. It's actually a crocodile. See? Take monkey dance for an example. A monkey is...
    Luffy: Aren't they all the same?
    Usopp: No it's not the same! Listen up, a monkey in a monkey dance means...
    Luffy: (Putting his hand on seastone and faints)
    Usopp: NO!! Don't touch that!
    Luffy: Banana and Crocodile are both food!
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    On chapter 157 that seacat accident.

    Franky: Stupid bastard. Trust in this ship!
    Luffy: Thats right! Trust it, Stupid bastard!
    Usopp: You bastard, stupid bastard!
    Chopper: You bastard!

    And of course: I'M ALREADY NEGATIVE!!

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    This might be a little corny, but its pretty much what the series is about.

    Gold Roger:"Inherited will.Destiny of the age. The dreams of the people.These are things that will not be stopped.As long as people continue to pursue the meaning of freedom. These things will never cease to be"

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    My favorite Zoro quote is "Wounds on the back... are a swordsman's shame."

    Jink's Manga Picks
    Shamo || Vinland Saga || Mirai Nikki || Dangu || Tokyo Red Hood

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    Luffy: I don't give a shit who you are... I WILL SURPASS YOU!!
    Sanji: Food is a gift from God. Spices are a gift from the devil. Looks like my food was too spicy for you.

    I think that's what the quote was anyway.
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    Excuse me, may I see yo panties?

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    Luffy: An old man with a big wound?!
    Group: Again, it's a zombie!
    Old man: Actually, I'm an old man with a big wound.
    Group: So easy to confuse!

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    Chapter 304 when Luffy broke the bamboo
    Luffy: Is this..the genie that appears when u break the bamboo ?

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    My favorite quote is

    Luffy: "So its a mystery cloud".

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    Nami: "LUFFY! What have you done with my jacket?"
    Luffy: "Umm..."
    Nami: "Have you any idea how expensive this jacket is? It costs 28,800 bellies! You have ruined it and it wouldn't have any resale values!"
    Luffy: "Sorry! That guy threw a bomb at me."
    Nami: "It's O.K. I knew it when I lend my jacket to you. It wouldn't comeback in any good shape anyway."
    Nami: "So I will charge the three times the original price. You owe me 100,000 bellies. Ok?"
    Luffy: "WHAT? So this is your plan after all!"
    Comment? Luffy has it lucky, Zoro's debt is already in the billions.

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