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    For some reason to me the Grave of Maria is similar to the arc, I have no idea why but it just seems like it was.


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmonkey View Post
    Thats like asking why Allen's arm is the way it is. It is Cross' innocnece!
    I don't think the mask is part of the innocent. Allen just looked at the coffin. Besides the mask doesn't fit the name "grave of Maria".

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    Lol, I looked up the 'Grave of Maria' online with no luck except for this one journal hit about Early Christian Corinthian

    A well-known epitaph for Maria, wife of Euplous, excavated at Corinth
    in 1931 and originally dated to the late 4th century, has been described as
    “incompetent” and unworthy of the substantial cost of the grave. We show that
    it was carefully engraved in two stages in the Justinianic era, a date confirmed
    by reevaluation of the site and the lamps found with the grave. We suggest a
    new interpretation of the text, and consider the occupations of the seller and
    the purchaser of the grave in the context of 6th-century Corinth. Criteria for
    dating Early Christian Corinthian epitaphs are proposed in an appendix.
    I read though it...nothing. I think it something that directly opposes the Earl. If the Earl can call forth demons for evil and we do know that Cross can "reprogram" Akuma, maybe Cross can speak with/communicate with the dead (like posted above) and control them with spell.

    Oh, one more thing...sorcery? This whole time I was under the impression of biblical events taking place and now we hear about sorcery and powerful magic. Hmm, so the Earl is just one great sorcerer and so is Cross. I guess I never really picked up on that theme until we see Cross wandering around the Arc in the beginning of chapter 127...

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    Wow... I can't believe no one really is talking about the fact that Cross took on the image of a Akuma. Specifically the Akuma he was dragging alone and threw into the magic energy shield. My assumption was that the way he converts Akuma has to do with talking to them in the form of an akuma. This could just be magic though, whereas the Grave of Maria is his actual innocense which has different powers which weren't shown yet.

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    I had a pleasant discussion with bluds about some of the current events and something that he brought up didn't occur to me. Perhaps instead of the "Grave of Maria" refers to the dead it refers to the literal "Grave" being like a coffin. And maybe, in a coffin(s) he is carrying are Kanda and Rowly!
    Just thought I would toss that out there.

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    I really don't think Cross is the type of guy to save his subordinates because of Allen's flashbacks of him, but I think that the possibility of Grave of Maria holding Kanda and Krory Is pretty high. Like someone mentioned above, the box might reborn the dead, or at least heal them. That would make sense on how he makes modified akuma. If it's true though, I wonder what effects it will have on Exorcists... opposite personalities? *laughs at the thought of Kanda being nice and Krory being brave*
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    cross's skull form was either some sort of innocence side effect or he's also cursed with akuma powers like allen is. Maria is also possibly someone cross once truly cared for and turned into a akuma using the earl and blah blah the same as allen's story. kills her with last minute innocence after getting cursed. turns her grave into his weapon (like the clock and what's her face, miranda) and uses his akuma power to convert the akuma.

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    proberly full body parasite-type which gives him super-natural unbelivable power of am not sure...i cant be sure of my own innocent? Noooo....T.T..

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    i love his judgement and his GoM. it just proves that he is th emost badass character in the series. kinda like kenshins master in ruroni kenshin, he's so strong, he cant be used often.

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    Hmm, I didnt think it in that way.
    Maybe you are right, and is due to that that Cross had take his time to appear...

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