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    Stark & Ulquiorra

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    Quote Originally Posted by AznDevil View Post
    I really don't get why anyone likes Noitora, seriously he's arrogant, cowardly, and looks psychotic. Now Ulquiorra calm and collected, and looks really cool. While Stark looks pretty good, but where I really like him is his laid back attitude.
    Since when was considering an opponent an actual opponent considered cowardly? Sure Noitora doesn't play fair but he also realizes that Ichigo is invading Hueco Mundo and attacking unlike Grimmjow and Ulq who treat him as an afternoon playmate that they haven't seen for a while. I love the way Noitora looks especially his "evil" face that showed up when Chad attacked him, and that long tongue. Then of course he has the most interesting zanpukto.

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    ulquiorra - mostly because he's always calm and seems to be a "logical-thinking" person - not emotion driven like grimmjow. haven't seen enough of the others (top 3) to take a liking to one of them.

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    I'm think the old man is the #1 Espada based on how in Soul Society Genryusai is the Captain Commander. Stark for now.

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    Ulquiorra cuz he's calm
    Noitora looks a lot like someone i know, ambitious but never use his brain, but then again maybe it's just his way of having fun

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    Now??? How can you even ask, the best espada is obviously Nell!!! And I have always thought that she was useless... Now it will come out that she was one of the strongest, for sure. Maybe a vstolorde level and the former first espada (it would be strange, but I guess that now I can't be surprised by anything).

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    Quote Originally Posted by roguej2 View Post
    On a serious note my favorite arancarr is yami, nobody does so well at getting their ass kicked every time they make an appearance like he does. First he gets his arm severed, then he allows us to see Urahara fight, I gotta say, he's done a lot as far as being the red shirt of this manga.
    What about Chad???

    My Favourite has to be Noitora, Ulq just doesn't express enough emotions and Stark seems a bit boring.

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    At the moment, Grimm's still at the top for me. Next is probably tieda at Nnoitra or Stark. Then Stark, 'cause he seems cool, like Shunsui.
    Quote Originally Posted by 12LetterName View Post
    What about Chad???

    My Favourite has to be Noitora, Ulq just doesn't express enough emotions and Stark seems a bit boring.
    Yeah, Chad seems to have his own share of redshirtesque badluckery. In the SS arc, he gets taken down by a captain, and in the HM arc he gets taken down by an Espada...although after he manages to take out a privaron (otherwise it wouldn't look like he'd improved...which would suck...hard). I don't recall him fighting a lieutenant in the SS arc, if he did, my bad.
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    I think Ulq is the best of them all but I have to admit Stark have something to him, I'm really hoping to see him fight really soon.

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