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    Bleach Episode 193 Discussion

    Bleach Episode #193

    Bleach Episode 193 has been released in Raw form by HorrobleRaws. The Episode is entitled: “The Irresistible, Puppet Show of Terror”.

    You can now download this episode via bittorrent by going to Dattebayo's website or you can download my provided Direct D/L(s).
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    Here's the torrent if you're like me and can't get stupid Megaupload to work
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    its out, the part where is was gonna take Ishidas body in 2... was really creapy lol(not in manga), and woo, captains gonna go join soon!!!!!!!!!!!

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    is it just me or has the quality actually improved since it's previous releases

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    yea nice episode nice mix of humour and action-its been so long since i read dis in the manga i 4got how they defeat syazel- o and dondochaka and peche "accidentaly" attacking renji was SO FUNNY funniest bleach moment in ages
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    I think the pace is going pretty well. The fights are being well done. The Bleach anime is usually good when they are not in fillers.

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