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    Release violation


    I would like to report new release violation. Can you track who's the one that adding new release for claymore 85?
    He/she's using my scanlation and my name...
    but he/she's using his own filesharing and not mine.
    the one that i hate most is.. that he/she's getting money by doing so (without breaking a sweat)
    please banned him/her and delete the release or at lease change it and direct it to my blog

    another suggestion in the future..
    please reveal who the one that doing the release so we know whether he's part of the scanlation group or not.

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    First, I have changed the links.

    Second, no-where in your release or on your site does it say you can not mirror a release, so you might want to think about doing that in the future. It is not against our rules to submit a release that is not created by you. The user will not be banned due to this.

    Third, please refrain from posting in all caps.
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