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    Quote Originally Posted by Itachi8 View Post
    I think he might be lightning and fire...just a memory sux, but it sounds right...correct me if i'm wrong
    Sasuke is fire & lightning

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    i dnt think he has a bloodline in the normal sence of a super power but his clan may have passed on the genes that give him his enoumose chakra supply like guy has his abbility to he heal quickly wich could posibly be a clan trait and kakashi has inherited his "genious" ability from his dad and also the 3rds strenth seems to have gone into asuma because he became the fire daimios bodygard.
    hmm i wonder what obitos doing right now.... decomposing and smelling up the joint i gess coz hes dead!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pat-san View Post
    You don't have to come from a clan to have a family. And why would the leaf village let someone from another village move to theirs? Isn't there like a whole 'distrust between villages' thing going on?
    just wrapp up all that because we have never know about naruto's background, all we know is that he was given birth 2 and had kyubbi seald in him, it was said that naruto's background and yondaime's techiques and some of his backgrounds were one of the biggest mysteries in the naruto world

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