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    Get To Know Your MS Staff Members!

    This is a thread where you can ask the Mangashare staff anything (not Binktopia scanlators, the moderators @ admins of this forum). Your questions can be about anything. You can ask our height, our favorite color, or our opinion on the global socioeconomic status of the deteriorating world. Responses are not guaranteed as we reserve the right to ignore all questions and you'll do well to refrain from spamming in the thread as most likely there will be quite some moderator activity in here. (This means no questions like "I lost my sandwich, can you help me find my sandwich?) You can also direct questions at all the moderators or to a specific individual moderator.

    Oh and to make things easier I suggest different colors for each moderator so if ze moderator/admins would just tell me what color they want as they see the thread, I'll update this list.
    Asce - Blue
    Gin0va - Dark Green
    Woofcat - Red
    DukeTheGold - Pink
    zidane21ps - DarkOrange
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