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    And everyone loves blood.
    Those bastards.
    But to get the japanese version, would I have to mod my Wii?

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    yah it not worth it though if you can stand the english voices, because the english version is a direct port of the japanese version, only difference being the language and i read somewhere that you may be able to switch the language

    it has all the same gameplay

    ps the game doesnt have blood anyways, its like the japanese naruto games, you dont see blood its just flashes of light
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    Quote Originally Posted by R4wr View Post
    And everyone loves blood.
    Those bastards.
    But to get the japanese version, would I have to mod my Wii?
    as of now, Wii is region-locked.

    meaning NA Wii can only play NA games and JPN Wii can only play JAP games
    (lucky i got myself a JAP Wii yay~)

    so ya, wait until someone finds a crack for it, you need to stick with your own region
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    Well I s'pose I can just mute the TV and play.
    And at least GJ(and possibly others from that arc) are in there, so I don't have a long wait.

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    Yeah, thanks to region coding, the only good Bleach games you can play is the aforementioned heat the soul series. I imported 4 from Japan and was really impressed with the diversity of characters and how they all felt exactly the way they should when you play them, not to mention quality voice acting. The only downside-All the instructions are in Japanese, and although there are some helpful guides online, the game has a sharp learning curve as you have no idea what the heck you are doing for the first hour of the game. All in all though, a great game and I would highly recommend it to any1 with a psp handy!

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    I'm getting it from Xmas this year. Can't wait, I'll post my opinion of it on here when I get it.

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