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    Perhaps at the last panel of 423, Kakashi actually used his MS to warp that nail and that debree was the result of him closing that worm hole. This is a likely senario since Kakashi had already stated that he was prepared to use him MS when he said that he was storing chakra in his eye.

    If this were to happen, then Kakashi would still not only be alive, but would still have his [get-out-of-death] eye

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    Kishi did not state that this year is Sasuke and next year Kakashi and Sakura. He said he will show a lot of Sasuke this year and after that Kakashi and Sakura. So that could also be this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zetta View Post
    I agree, I don't think he will die, This is Kishi writing a good story
    Quote Originally Posted by Anubiz632 View Post

    Naruto is pumping on all cylinders right now!

    I agree, Kishi is writing a good story and Naruto is pumping on all cylinders right now...But some more new and good characters are needed. I Hope the cloud ninja's are awesome. Plus he needs to have that Kage meeting. Wanna see Gaara again! Plus I want to see Raikage in action, but if that happens I'm pretty sure the raikage will die! :(
    Take your pick! Either way you'll get Owned!

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