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  • Kakashi

    14 17.95%
  • Naruto

    2 2.56%
  • Itachi

    8 10.26%
  • J-man

    23 29.49%
  • 4th hokage

    27 34.62%
  • orochimaru o.O

    1 1.28%
  • Madara

    1 1.28%
  • Shikamaru

    1 1.28%
  • Sakura

    0 0%
  • Gaara

    1 1.28%
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    Itachi and Jiraiya. People mostly earn respect after their deaths in manga and anime for me. For example Rolo in Code Geass, I hated him, but after his death I felt sorry for him and respected him.

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    jiraiya for obvious reasons, and madara cuz hes just so badass

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    Clearly the 4th. If it wasn't for him, Konoha would be destroyed; moreover, there wouldn't be Naruto period....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Advocat View Post
    For me, respect requires two things: A) ability and proper use of that ability to accomplish and succeed, and B) a set of moral values that represent and acknowledge individuality, duty, and empthay.

    In many ways I can respect Orochimaru's strength, Shikimaru's intellect, and Madara's manuipulation - but I don't actually respect the people themselves, just the abilities they posses. So point A, but not really point B.

    So Jiraya is a good man, and certainly embodies point B, but the notable thing he's done in his life that carry foward aren't exactly inspiring. For instance, peeping and womanizing, and in his professional life is riddled with dissappointments and failures.

    So I vote for the 4th. He led Konoha for a good time, he had a family, and he made the ultimate sacrifice to his duty and to protect those he cared about. He was, by all indications, a virtuous man with an attitude like Jiraya - but unlike Jiraya, rather than live as a hermit, he took one step further and tried to live for the many and those he cared deeply for.

    So my props go to the 4th. Kakashi is up there, and I probably respect Kakashi more than Jiraya (I can't get over Jiraya just leaving the village to become some hermit that occassionally does intel work), but its not quite on par with the 4th, who seems to be on a whole other level.

    Great point, Minato truly deserves the most respect. He led a very self-less life and even sacrificed himself at such a young age for the greater good of the village.

    Also Sarutobi should rank up there as well, he always did the best thing for the village, stepping down when he felt assured, and stepping back up when necessary. And he also sacrificed himself.

    Jiraiya did have some failures in his life but his final act deserves alot of respect. And Itachi also, u might not agree with his methods but he was following orders, he sacrificed it all to protect the village, and even tho he couldn't kill sasuke, he still set a backup plan in motion.
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