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  • Kakashi

    14 17.95%
  • Naruto

    2 2.56%
  • Itachi

    8 10.26%
  • J-man

    23 29.49%
  • 4th hokage

    27 34.62%
  • orochimaru o.O

    1 1.28%
  • Madara

    1 1.28%
  • Shikamaru

    1 1.28%
  • Sakura

    0 0%
  • Gaara

    1 1.28%
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    jairaya, the 3rd Hokage, 4th hokage, and Kakashi

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    Quote Originally Posted by red-hairshinigami View Post
    Who do you think deserve and actually deserve the most respect from naruto?

    they beat all the generation!
    edit ur poll dude, ppl are getting confused...i think J-man deserves the most respect
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    For me, respect requires two things: A) ability and proper use of that ability to accomplish and succeed, and B) a set of moral values that represent and acknowledge individuality, duty, and empthay.

    In many ways I can respect Orochimaru's strength, Shikimaru's intellect, and Madara's manuipulation - but I don't actually respect the people themselves, just the abilities they posses. So point A, but not really point B.

    So Jiraya is a good man, and certainly embodies point B, but the notable thing he's done in his life that carry foward aren't exactly inspiring. For instance, peeping and womanizing, and in his professional life is riddled with dissappointments and failures.

    So I vote for the 4th. He led Konoha for a good time, he had a family, and he made the ultimate sacrifice to his duty and to protect those he cared about. He was, by all indications, a virtuous man with an attitude like Jiraya - but unlike Jiraya, rather than live as a hermit, he took one step further and tried to live for the many and those he cared deeply for.

    So my props go to the 4th. Kakashi is up there, and I probably respect Kakashi more than Jiraya (I can't get over Jiraya just leaving the village to become some hermit that occassionally does intel work), but its not quite on par with the 4th, who seems to be on a whole other level.

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    Jiraiya and Minato all the way, if Sarutobi was there I would have voted Minato and Sarutobi.

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    The fourth hokage...he's just awesome

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    The 3rd, Kakashi and a tie between Madara and Jiraiya
    I mean Madara, that dude just will not die. And Jiraiya was just epic
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    Jiraya minato and Sarutobi, why because ll of them are martyrs to the will of fire.

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    The Sannins are probably the most respected people in Narutoverse.

    After that you have the usual suspects. 3rd and 4th Hokage.


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    I've gotta lay down my first vote for Shikamaru man. For one he was the first to grow up, he's the most intelligent and effective tactiction Konoho has got, he succefully avenged his teacher/mentor(for the right reasons), he's a Junin, he's looking after a pregnant woman and a kid which is not his own and he's managed to accomplished all this at the same age Naruto is... Naruto is actually older then him(Naruto Repeated at the acadamy!). Shikamaru demands so much respect that Kishi even had him give Naruto the grow up and seize the will of fire speech haha takes my respect for sure.

    Second goes to the J-man cause he's epic!
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    Along with what advocat started to say with the ability to accomplish and succeed this i really think naruto would have to respect garra, one garra did a compleat change around from blood thirsty to Kazekage and protected the people that he loved his village.

    then Jiriaya because jiriya gave his life to protect him and taught him some of his morals
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