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eh, I like this manga although Im getting out of Seinen, I hate reading something and it takes a month to republish, then another month for scans to come online - it doesn't seem to matter how popular the manga is either I think the authors just don't care as much, for example the manga "hellsing" came out in 1997 and ended in 2008, with a total of 96chapters, Berserk came out in 1990, and it goes on like that...

Off of the ranting bit, I can't wait to see what happened during the blackout and what konoha(i **think** thats the name, cant remember) did after he turned ZET. - guess that'll be a few months though :|
Understood, I have a couple manga I like, that have that negative point. Like I have no concept of what even happened to Ubel Blatt?
It was quickly becoming a favorite. Yeah, wish it had more to do with popularity, too.

By, konoha, do you mean the guy /player who did the news report in the 1st place? Don't worry, I'm bad with the names as well. Think it's because of how long it takes in between chapters throws us off.