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    its a good story minus the 20 chapters where they focus on that nerdy kid who is in love with alfaz anime. the latest chapters are really good and i want to read more.

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    I agree it is a good series...It had some really cool arcs like Jin's childhood (so sad), and the sweepers story.

    Anyway The same author did Shadow Lady long time ago, I don't know if anyone remembers...

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    Never heard of Shadow Lady before. What's it about?

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    this great monster every where......
    go go go jin.......
    go go go zetman.....
    i like this series.....

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    It's a realy good manga, and the draws are awesome (Katsura is the same author of Video Girl Ai), but instead of masterpiece like that, Zetman is a bit too vague and predictable.
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    the first two volumes are sad, i feel sorry for jin

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    They seem to be up to chapter 157 so far. here's a link.

    Man it looks like the world of Zetman is really about to change. Did not see that 1 coming. Now it makes me think how many players there really is out there. I mean yeah they are powerful but with our numbers alone we might kill some of the weaker players. I wouldn't want to risk that if I was the weaker ones. They really set up 1 hell of a story. And at this rate with these short chapters, this manga could last as long as the big three or longer. But I wonder how many chapters are out but not translated since they really don't seem to release regularly. Any1 know how many chapters are out in japan?

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    158 is up. Same site as before. I doubt he is, but it looks like Alfaz might be dead. Really annoying that they haven't yet explained Jin's blackouts and that he has not gotten involved in the fights and seems like he will really avoid them.

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    Finally more chapters, but only 2. Now up to chapter 160.
    If people don't trust mangafox, then also has the chapters.

    Have to say, it's really starting to get annoying with Jin's blackouts from his perspective. Get that it's supposed to let us know how Jin feels but it's a little too confusing.

    Guess no matter what the government always does the stupid lying thing. Probably definitely gonna cost them.
    Huh I thought the sweepers were on the human's side, and that guy kind of hated Jin. Looks like every1 has their confusing relationship in this manga.

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    eh, I like this manga although Im getting out of Seinen, I hate reading something and it takes a month to republish, then another month for scans to come online - it doesn't seem to matter how popular the manga is either I think the authors just don't care as much, for example the manga "hellsing" came out in 1997 and ended in 2008, with a total of 96chapters, Berserk came out in 1990, and it goes on like that...

    Off of the ranting bit, I can't wait to see what happened during the blackout and what konoha(i **think** thats the name, cant remember) did after he turned ZET. - guess that'll be a few months though :|
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