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    Sasuke is not giving Kakashi shit. Sasuke is a bad guy, he tried to kill his best friend and he intentionally lived with a molester for 2 and 1/2 years. Kakashi, I think, will die soon. He's fighting Pein someone that killed Jiraiya, someone that is clearly stronger than Kakashi. If Kakashi doesn't die then he will at least be severely wounded. The fat butterflies will not help the situation at all. I may cry when he goes, fuckin tragedy.
    The next Generation of perverted ninjas is fully prepared to take their place. The line of the Toad Master will never fail as long as there is a will of fire. Rest In Peace Jiraiya-sama, this world and Tsunade were not good enough for you.

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    if kakashi have 2nd chance by kishi, ( dream not come truehahaha) take the rinnegan from pein body, create new kinjutsu (forbidden jutsu) 2 activate function of rinnegan that pein live behind and transplant that eye, channel that eye 2 functioned it to absorb and control nature chakra like sage jutsu (senjutsu) like jiraiya and naruto, kakashi create fuin jutsu (seal jutsu) in his body can contain "nature chakra" without balancing like sage technique and mangekyou sharingan can feed that chakra with happy go luck and using S-rank jutsu e.g altimate raikiri (lightning charges 4 times long at usually and a lot chakra in hand maybe biggest that usually), master hyouton, mokuton, futon (FRS) and another else. but all cost is maybe like naruto kyubi 4 tail after seal by yamato or hachimon tonkou (8 gates) hahahahah.......just imagination

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