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    Deidara could not noticed that Kakashi has MS , I dont think that he knows about 3 sharingan's level , Itachi didnt used MS in him on their fight so how Deidara could know that this is Mangekyo Sharingan and earlier it was normal Sharingan ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    Thats a good point. As far as he knows that could have been a regular Sharingan technique to him.
    While Deidara may not have known that it was MS Kakashi was using, he did note that he didn't know there was someone who could use the sharingan on the same level as Itachi. But Deidara is a smart guy though, he observed what happened to his explosion and arms so I think, if he didn't know it was MS, that he would have at least deduced it wasn't a "normal" sharingan technique.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    1. For information about naruto ?(if the greatest ninja in the village and former ANBU member whouldn't know that then who ?)

    2. It's true that he can't move but that don't mean he can't attack so he will remove/destroy his greatest weapon - sharingan...
    oh and don't forget that pain should know about Kakashis MS because Daidera survived from "that" fight and was saying that he need to report about kakashis power or something simmilar or not
    We don't know if Kakashi knows where Naruto is or not. But anyway, Pein has deemed Kakashi too dangerous to him to leave alive. Taking out his sharingan isn't going to eliminate Kakashi from the equation. He's still good at everything else.

    And, off the top of my head, ppl who know where Naruto is: Tsunade, Sakura, Shikamaru, Danzou and the Advisors. They may not know how to get there, but they got the info Pein wants.

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    I hope he will loose his sharingan and stay alive , but i thought kakshi can use space time ninjutsu , he can vanish or teleport his body to a other place. This is probably a possibility , what do u guys think ???

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    I don't think that Kakashi is going to die or lose his sharingan. I think Kakashi used the sharingan to cast a powerful genjutsu on pein, and it is really that other body pein is using that is going to be killed. pein is vulnerable to genjutsu, and even a normal sharingan is capable of very powerful genjutsu.

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    But Kakashi is not powerfull with genjutsu propably. If Kakashi will lose his sharingan he will die , I dont think that Kakashi without sharingan is good point in Manga

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    but kakashi isnt kakashi without his sharighan, since day 1 everybody loves kakashi of his 1 eye sharighan and he is just a cool character, but if he LOSES his sharighan, he is already dead, because his best friend gave his eye to him to live forever, if he loses it, he would be dead from the inside from not preventing to lose the eye, that eye is to important for him, its just like when a close friend gaves his own heart to you to live forever inside of you, but still.. he wont lose his eye, and kishi sad in interview someting big will happen, this inst the something big, it has to do something with sasuke of madara..

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    I think the fact that Kakashi lost his headband just before the hit suggests he was hit in the forehead, if anything.

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    I just want to point out that if he gets hit in his sharigan then he's dead. An eye is not solid enough to stop the nail from going through it thus, pentrating the brain. Lets say that the nail does stop some what and the nail barely hits his brain, then he's gonna be brain damaged. Imagine Kakashi not being able to do normal things like piss by his self or eat. Hahahaha Naruto's gonna have to hold his balss while he takes a leak...not good for the manga....a thousand years of pain is nothing compared to holding his sensei's balls while he pisses.

    I personally think it was either A.) genjutsu or B.) he teleported the nail (because his quote of not being able to dodge is fishy, why tell pain that? unless its to through him off guard)

    Quote Originally Posted by zwid View Post
    But Kakashi is not powerfull with genjutsu propably. If Kakashi will lose his sharingan he will die , I dont think that Kakashi without sharingan is good point in Manga

    Aslong as he has MS he should be able to use a decent genjutsu
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    first off... all i know is that if kakashi dies, i will certainly be one very depressed child. O.O
    pein said he knew it wasnt a clone, but... maybe he tricked him? i dont know how... im hoping he used the MS like everyone's been saying, but i dont think he'd have enough chakra. so im going with the whole tricked/genjutsu thing. (more like hoping...)

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    I think that if Kakashi loses his sharigean.... he will be sad? Idk.

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