Made this for deathscythe exorcist and anyone else who is new to forums on how to set-up/customise your MS profile.

1. To start click on the User CP icon. You should get a screen like this (with out the invitation I guess)

2.a. Edit your details, click on Edit your Details. You don't need to do a lot here just change the custom user title (2.b.) and add stuff to the additional information if you wish (2.c.) then click Save Changes.

3. Add Avatar, click on Edit Avatar and from the screen click on the browse button and select an image from your computer (you need to have an image that is conforming to the restriction imposed by the forum, you can resize an image if it is too big) then click Save Changes.

4. Add Signature, click on Edit Signature from he screen you can again click on Browse and add the signature from your computer or add a picture link from somewhere else (like I have). You do not need to have an picture you can write something i.e. Wolverine is the greatest. You should clikc Preview Signature before you click Save Signature. If you want to request a sig you can go to Art Request (Here) or The Sigs Thread (Here)

5. Now when you post a reply your profile should show your custom title, avatar and signature like so.

If your new to forums you should/must read the following page on Web Safety (Here) (And Here)

There are plenty of people here who will happily guide you in the right direction if you have any problems.

Now Enjoy yourself on-line and remember to respect other users.