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    eeeeehhh... Oro told Kabuto that Itachi was too strong for him after the battle with konoha.... what other proof is needed? he left the organization 7 years in the past after that battle with Itachi.. hence Itachi was stronger back when he was 11 and MUCH stronger than him 10 years later as we saw on Itachi vs Sasuke.
    Besides... all this are speculations of what Oro could have done but the fact is what happened. Oro got paralyzed with genjutsu he was gonna try to do something and Itachi literaly CUT that chance of counter to zero.
    An seriously... if itachi wanted he could had killed Oro that day... but knowing his nature he probably let him go after he was no longer a danger for him.

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    "HEHE Oro got defeated whot you talking about"..

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    Quote Originally Posted by S-ClassNinja_Rich View Post
    itachi and sasuke defeated Orochimaru just get over it. Itachi even did it twice.

    Thank you. Orochi got owned several times by the Uchiha, even Sasuke the weakest of the Uchiha had no problems owning him. Orochi by his own admission was no match for Itachi, who was the original body he wanted. Itachi shook him up so bad that he LEFT Akatsuki.

    Orochimaru was the weakest of the Sannin, and no one can convince me otherwise. The only reason people feared him was because he was a notorious pedophile, preying on every young disenfranchised boy he could find. All of his life was wasted on learning jutsu that largely went unused. All of his "knowledge" and all that he acquired didn't prevent his demise. Through his quest for immortality, his own paralyzing fear of death is revealed to be so severe that he even went so far as to experiment on his own body, and was forced to change bodies every 3 years just to stay alive. PATHETIC.

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