Hi eveybody,
this is my first time here on the forum.. I just wanted to let you know something interesting that I found reading for the second time all Naruto's chapter.

In chapter 145 Kisame, after seeing Sasuke for the first time, tells:

This is the second time I've seen another sharingan

When was the first time?
This statement led me to some conclusions..

Kisame met Madara and, consequently, he knows who Toby is in reality but, at the same time, he acts like he doesn't.

But in chapter 364 Itachi too admits that he's not the only Uchiha alive (excet for him and Sasuke).

Now you are the only one in the Uchiha clan.
He's not dead and moreover..

Maybe Itachi too knows about Madara/Tobi/whoever else...

What do you think about??