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    One Piece One Piece 520 Spoilers

    Post here spoiler summaries, translations, pictures and scripts of the upcoming chapter.
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    Here's a little more from the first part

    looks like the spoiler hasn't come yet/isn't coming
    "Gorgon's Eyes"
    the two of them fight Luffy in Gear 2nd
    They prepare an attack that looks something like a burning salamander/hydra
    they each use their tails to bind Luffy, and it looks as one will fall into the audience seating
    one of their clothes get burned, and the thing which they were trying to hide Luffy grabs on to (don't get to see it yet)

    So Hancock realizes this and orders everyone to leave
    Some sort of flash starts to come out of Hancock's hand, which she's using to cover her face

    The second description has the end a little differently
    Hancock who is trying to hide her face, has tears flowing out in this panel, and that's the end

    Quoting Kitsune Inferno from AP
    Gist of the spoilers (rough trans btw):

    -Luffy goes Gear Second, and the Kuja are wondering if all men have smoke come out of their bodies
    -One of the sisters uses some sort of attack
    -Even in this move, the sisters are having trouble keeping up with Luffy
    -Marigold attacks Luffy, who dodges and attacks with Jet Bazooka
    -Marigold boasts that the attack is useless, but she is hurt by it anyway (to what extent, I can't tell)
    -Sandersonia begins to attack Luffy by entering the Salamander form thing
    -Luffy attacks the two with Jet Gatling, knocking one of the sisters into the sword pit.
    -Her back is exposed but Luffy covers it up
    -Hancock orders everyone to leave, who all cower in fear of the Gorgon Curse
    -Sandersonia asks Luffy why he is helping her out, to which he replies that he "plays a different game" (sorry, I don't know how to translate this line, but it refers to the fact that Luffy knows there are other ways than killing your opponent
    -Hancock cries.
    and Aohige_AP
    Just the important bits
    Luffy: Don't move!! You may want to kill me.. but I don't have any intention of killing you!
    You don't want anyone seeing this even if you die, right? That's why... don't move.
    Hearing this, Hancock orders all the amazons to leave the place.
    Aohige_AP's translation of Himajin summary.
    Source: APF

    Luffy: Gear Second!!!

    Amazoness: What's that? Smokes coming out of his body! Are all men like that!?
    Hancock: ......
    Sonia: There's nothing to be afraid, Mary
    Mary: Yes.
    Sonia: Even a massive haki is just a pressure if he can't control it!! Snake-possessed hair "Yamata-no-Orochi"!!
    (Yamata no Orochi is an eight-headed naga in Japanese mythology)

    Sonia's hair turns into snakes, and attacks Luffy

    Amazoness: Kyaaaa!! Goooo!! Mistress ThunderSonia!!!

    Luffy dodges. The fangs of the snakes crashes into the fences, destroying them

    Amazoness: The fences of the colosseum..!!! Those snakes are transformation of her hair, yet... it's like iron fangs!

    Sonia keeps attacking Luffy, but can't hit him

    Sonia: Why can't I hit him!? I can read his moves!! But I can't catch up to his speed!!!

    Luffy gets behind her, wraps his arms around her neck, and slams her down

    Mary: Oooooooohhhhh!!!!!

    Mary tries to attack Luffy, but Luffy gets behind her first

    Luffy: Gomu-Gomu.....!!
    Mary: It's no use! I bounced your attacks off earlier!!
    Luffy: Jet Bazooka!!!
    Mary: Oooohhh!!!! AAAAhhhhhh!!!

    Mary is blown away

    Hancock: Sonia!! Mary!! ....What are you playing around for...!!!
    Mary: S...sister!!!
    Sonia: I'm sorry sister! We'll get rid of him right away...!!!

    Mary's body goes up in flames

    Luffy: !!! She's burning!!
    Mary: Snake-posessed hair "Salamander"!!!
    Sonia: We're not going to give you any room to flee.... Yamata-no-Orochi!!!

    Amazoness: It's their biggest moves!!! No matter how fast he is, there's no way he'll get away!!

    Luffy breathes in heavily

    Luffy: Gomu Gomu... JET Gatling!!!

    Sonia and Mary goes down, holding each other.

    Sonia: KYaaaaaa!!! It's hot!!!
    Mary: Oh no, Sonia!!! Get away from me quickly!
    Sonia: Aaaahhhh!!!
    Mary: What!? Wait!! I'm being pulled!!! How? Sonia's pulling me!!!
    AAaahh!! Our tails... when did this happen!!?

    Sonia and Mary's tails are tied together
    Luffy holds up a victory sign with his fingers

    Sonia: It's hot! hot!! help me!!!
    Mary: Wait sister, you're dragging me down too....!!!
    Sonia: Aaaaahhh!!
    Mary: Sonia!!! That way is dangerous, hold on to the audience seats!!
    Amazoness: Mistress Sonia!!
    Sonia: *breathes in heavily* that was close....
    Amazoness: Mistress ThunderSonia!!?
    Luffy: !

    Sonia is barely hanging on to the fences of the audience seats

    Luffy jumps onto Sonia's back

    Sonia: Ow, hot!!
    Amazoness: The man is finishing her off!!! How cruel.. he plans to impale her!! (with the swords below)
    Sonia: Damn you, man....
    Luffy: Don't move!!! You may want to kill me.... but I don't intend on killing you guys!!!
    Mary: ...!!?
    Sonia: What are you doing Mary!?
    Mary: It's no use, sister Sonia... We are.... being protected by that man right now....!!!

    Amazoness: Look!! Mistress Sonia's clothes are burned off, and her back is exposed!!
    If that man leaves her back, the Eye of the Gorgon will be exposed!!
    Sonia: what...
    Luffy: You don't want anyone seeing this even if you die, right? So don't move.
    Hancock: ...!!? The fight is over!!! Before the Eye of the Gorgon is exposed, everyone leave this place!!!

    Amazoness: Oh no...!! Everyone outside!!! We'll turn to stone!! Hurry, Hurry!! It's the curse of the Gorgon!!!

    Everyone leaves the place

    Sonia: We're foes you were fighting just now... why did you save us?
    Luffy: What you guys don't want to be seen, and our battles, have nothing to do with each other.

    Hancock hears that, and sheds a tear

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    One Piece One Piece 520 Spoilers Discussion

    Discuss here the spoilers of the upcoming chapter posted in the Spoilers thread.

    No spoilers outside this thread
    Posting spoilers outside the spoiler threads will result in account infractions, there are people who do not wish to get spoiled. Please respect that!


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    (ノ゜Д゜)ノ RedPan's Avatar
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    Interesting, Interesting.....

    So Hancock's beauty is being dispelled?

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    oooor she is really his mother...Oo and just found her son... very touching moment...
    cant be an coincidence that both got king-haki... its bloodline...

    oooor nah forget it...
    No Signature for You!

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    So, maybe her beauty doesn't get dispelled based on the pics that were added....

    She just gets emotional. And her sister has no nipples X:?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedPan View Post
    She just gets emotional. And her sister has no nipples X:?
    Probably due to being in snake mode.

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    Oh wow. If there actually was something on Sandersonia's back (and not just Hancock's), then at least Luffy's nice enough to have that covered up for her and her sisters.

    And I don't think her sipples were shown due to the angle of the pic. Remember the bath scene back in chapter 517?

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    there 's really curse on their back ?

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    The Spoiler pics are now available in the spoiler thread.


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    BOOBIES! Now that I got that out of my system... I'm really starting to believe that Hancock is Luffy's mother, and of course we all know that when something starts to make sense, Oda will change it.

    I Love You!

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