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Thread: Major Wtf

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    he wasn't really cowering, geez, he knew he was outmatched yea but, don't stretch it people.

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    iruka is a school teacher more like a among the people that help make decisions not the defending type like kakashior yamato

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeIn- View Post
    neji is a jounin because of his leadership skills
    where does it say that at,, neji is a jounin because he is a badass ninja


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    A few simple assumptions can lead you to that conclusion of how Neji became a Jounin. An ability to lead a group definitely improves your chances of becoming a Jounin.

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    Ummm ppl...iruka is jounin in the anime, he doesn't teach anymore, he chills with tsunade

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    Quote Originally Posted by afro thunda View Post
    Iruka knew he was outclassed when he came face to face with God realm but he didn't have the look of someone cowering in fear. It was more a shocked look than anything. He wasn't expecting to meet Pein.
    yea, guess i was too harsh on iruka sensei. Let's just say that he froze. But I guess I would too if I were to face God realm.
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    this is slightly off-topic, but still in relation to chuunins and such. Did anyone else realize that Shino was a Chuunin already during the chuunin exams? I reread the early manga a few weeks ago and when he confronted Kankuro when Sasuke was chasing Gaara, he stated that he was a chuunin of the hidden leaf and that he would not underestimate his opponent. Why would he have been in the chuunin exams if he were already a chuunin? Unless if was because his whole team had to enter inorder to participate and he was just tagging along so that Kiba and hinata could attemp chuunin.

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    Iruka never attended the jounin exam.

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    He's a Chuunin...he's doesn't go any further than that because he wants to teach...becoming a Jounin would stop him from doing that.


    I'm not sure that Shino was named as a Chuunin during the chase of Gaara's team...but I do know that Sasuke was. Genma Shiranui, the proctor of that stage of the exam, told Sasuke he was at Chuunin level and ordered him to give chase to Gaara and company.

    Chapter 115 page 14

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    we weill never know why iruka is still a chuunin and neji a jonin because we havent seen eithers abilitys enough

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