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    Those are webbed hands which you can see if you watch the anime episode where he transforms. He has fingernails and stuff on them aswell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gray fox View Post
    well pete 2 of them actualy did kimimaro was a dinosaur and the spider guy was a... spider but sasuke is just a deamon
    well the spider guy looked like a spider cuz he had 6 hands!it wasnt an efect of the CS2.
    kimimaru did looked like a dinosaur but i dint see any relevance with anything.

    all im trying to say is that they dont have to look like something!they just change their appearence.thats all

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    I say he's a bird and the reason Kishi didn't give him a beak and feathers was because he'd look messed up xD

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    Um it could be coindece but his wings (or other hands) llooks like the wings of tengu but in other hand() it looks like hands of sea monster or hands with some seak skin

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    tengus have crow wings
    dont take from the dark history of the uchiha "theory" (its a fan fic basically)

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    you're now my favorite person.
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    Ive been wondering this from the first time Ive seen his transformation when he faught naruto way back when too, kinda looks like a hand but he can fly with them too due to the webbing -_-, hes like a monkey frog bird or something. The more important question is will MFB's hand-wing grow back...He cant just use snakes forever, hes gonna end up with just 1 wing eventually and just be the amazing boy who could fly in circles.
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    ah he absorbed oro-chi's healing ability its grow back, horray for wierd happenings

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