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    Maybe she already signed a contract, we don't know. But I think she will.

    BTW Sai and Yamato don't seem to have contracts, so instead of saying Sakura is the only one without a summon, you can say Naruto is the only one capable of summoning a animal.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't already signed with the slugs. But I think its a given that she will eventually.

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    Actually no I didn't. I never know what the hell you are talking about to be honest. Thank you thorofasgard13 for the clarification.
    hahah, eeassy there


    I think she will eventually sign with the slugs, Kishi has forshadowed that numerous times on the manga covers

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    Sakura possibly already has signed a summoning contract with the slug, however there hasn't really been a time when she has to summon a giant slug.

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    the way the manga is shaping up sasuke = ori naruto = jiaraya sakura = tsunade
    its like a copy of the previous generation, sure there goals are slightly different but the concepts are the same sasuke is on his own because he has a goal he must acomplish no matter what just like ori,(tho he was a puppet) tsunade according to the manga just wanted to keep shinobi from dieing just like sakura wanted to keep naruto and sasuke from dieing.(or rather be useful =p she was so sucky before the timewarp) it all plays out in a similar manor, so she probably will sign with the slugs i mean sasuke already signed with the snakes and naruto frogs only thing left is her.

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