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    Amateratsu symbolizes the ''Light of the Material World'' while Tsukiyomi symbolizes ''the Darkness of the Spiritual World''. Those who master both can call upon the power of the raging god of battle (aragami) which is Susanoo. It's materialized chakra, taking the form of the great fighting god and it will destroy all the enemies in front of its eyes.

    The reason why Susano-o is boasted to be flawless in both offense and defence is due to the "spiritual equipments" held in both hands. The right hand wields the Totsukano Tsurugi sword that can bring down any enemies; the left hand holds the Yatano Kagami (Eight Span Mirror), which can repel all attacks. Be it physical or spiritual, ninjutsu or physical attacks, all these become futile in front of such godly effects.

    Small caption of the gourd:
    The sake that spills from the gourd forms the shape of a sword and the Totsukano Tsurugi appears! Also, spirits absorbed by the sword gets sealed back into the gourd.

    Small caption of Totsukano Tsurugi:
    In the same line as Kusanagi no Tsurugi, this sword has the power to eternally seal the person it stabs in a hypnotic world. The sword itself possesses "Fuuinjutsu" (sealing technique).

    Small caption of Yatano Kagami:
    A spiritual shield that does not possess a physical form. It has all the "Seishitsu Henka" (Element modifying ability) capabilities and can nullify all jutsu by changing its own elemental nature accordingly.

    Where does it say that Susanoo slowly kills the user?
    Notice him on the ground coughing there, you can also see faint blood from his mouth, that's before he summoned Susanoo.

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    Yeah u have to just kill the user or at least survive. Does susanoo use alot of chakra?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasuke is better View Post
    Where does it say that Susanoo slowly kills the user?
    Kishimoto himself wrote so. In Databook 3.

    EDIT: Here's the whole quote from the databook thread:
    Q6. Info about Susanoo.

    It's two pages long, but I'll make the effort of translating it for you..

    ""Amaterasu", representing "the material world and light" and "Tsukuyomi", symbolizing "the spiritual world and darkness", are two jutsu that can only be used by the ones who awakened the "Mangekyou Sharingan", the almighty eyes that can see through anything. The power of the violent god resides in the ones who are able control both jutsu: that is Susanoo. The chakra becomes tangible and takes the shape of the great, strong belligerent god. His fighting spirit doesn't abate until he has destroyed all the enemies before him.
    Susanoo possesses a flawless offense and defense thanks to the "incorporeal tools" he holds in both of his hands. The "Sword of Totsuka" in his right hand cuts down any opponent, while the "Mirror of Yata" in his left hand rejects any attack. Material, incorporeal, ninjutsu, physical attacks: all these have no meaning in front of the god."

    "The Mangekyou Sharingan is feared as the strongest doujutsu, but only some of its possessors can reach this further godlike state. This jutsu works both as the user's guardian deity and as something that consumes his life." (Hmm, just reading the manga it wasn't clear that Susanoo also ate at the user's health.. This makes even more evident why Itachi died soon after using it, I guess; ndt)
    "The sake coming out of the gourd takes the shape of a sword, the Sword of Totsuka. The spirits absorbed by the sword also get sealed inside of the gourd."
    "Totsuka no Tsurugi (Sword of Totsuka) - It's like a Sword of Kusanagi enhanced with the power to send the people it stabs to a world of illusions similar to the dream of a drunken person and seal them for eternity. It has a built-in sealing jutsu."
    "Yata no Kagami (Sword of Yata) - An incorporeal shield. It possesses all the chakra qualities (elements) and is able to render any attack vain by changing its own quality accordingly."
    The godlike state is talking about Susano'o.
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    Thanks kuroihikari. Looking for that info invariably led me to reading the whole Databook again lol. But like i said, Susanoo can be assumed to be the reason Itachi died.

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    Quote Originally Posted by afro thunda View Post
    Thanks kuroihikari. Looking for that info invariably led me to reading the whole Databook again lol. But like i said, Susanoo can be assumed to be the reason Itachi died.
    I believe it was multiple things that led to Itachi's death. Itachi was slowly dying anyway before he used Susano'o. Susano'o just finished him off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    So like he said. Wait til the user dies.
    That is true.
    Well concerning Itachi, he probably would have lasted longer if he wasn't already ill. On the other hand, Susano'o probably has something to do with draining a person's life force, not something that is physically wrong so Itachi's illness probably wouldn't have much to do with it. Just a couple of guesses.

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    Stall Susano?... I think Pain's overconfidence would lead to a quick death.... Itachi was seriously ill even before Susano and didn't even die during the summoning so I'm sure a healthy Uchiha could last significantly longer... Who's to say exactly how much life Susano consumes? It could of only taken a year off Itachi's life and that was enough to push him to death

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    Just give a chakra cookie to susanoo and everything goes fine.

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    Do any of you think for one second that that sword would touch God Realm? Also how the hell is he gonna chop 6 Pein's & Shield himself from the jutsu's of 6 Peins at the same time??? Come on guys use your brains 1 Pein gets stabbed while another Pein gets him Jutsu shielded, leave 4 Peins to stab Itachi in the back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vesperia View Post
    Just reading about Susanoo from the databook and I honestly don't see how anyone can beat him. He can cut/absorb anything and reflect all attacks, so I really see him as unbeatable and truly invincible. So, I'm wondering, could somebody even like Pain stand a chance against Itachi once he as activated Susanoo (Despite the fact that it should kill Itachi afterwards)?

    I'm just pretty much thinking that Itachi has shown the most powerful technique so far in all of Naruto, even stronger than the death-god sealing and the Rinnegan (Of course it's like a suicide mode though)
    Yes, it's powerful jutsu but it's most a defensive jutsu than anything else. It's only used to attack within close range and it's only if the person attacks first. This is what we have gather from witnessing it our selves.

    Pain is all type jutsu user and all element jutsu user. Pain would kill itachi before he have time to use Susanoo. Especially since he know Itachi has such a jutsu.

    Plus, it seems the long the person use the jutsu the more they lose their own life. What's up with that............All I have to do is just back-off and wait until his jutsu kills him then return.

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