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    have you ever thought that pein was just a magician? maybe he can just do stuff because he's magic

    i bet he has a magic bag and a sleigh and he runs around giving presents to little kids because he can

    ever think of that? huh? HUH?

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    So judging by the spoiler pics my theory is right on, god realm pain=magneto,so he can use his powers to make metal objects levitate...

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    this is s very good theory... usually a non-theory thread are post in the theory section and the mod has to move it to graveyard or other section...
    but for this... the Mods should promote this thread to the theory section...
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    about the location of pain, he must be in rain village, that must be. all the other pains were getting up wh n pervery entered rain village, nagato is there.. also it is his village, so why not, am i right? Or maybe pain is just like madara, not his former self anymore, naah fuck that.. ;p

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