Art of Run....Some find this a joke. Others dont even believe it. But i am here today to prove to you, that it does exist,and is actually stated and confirmed in the manga. Some characters even know about the Art of Run.


This is real, no edit on text, go read naruto vs sasuke yourself and see (its right after kimamaru dies)

How Art of Run Works
Uchihas develop art of run when they are in a situation where they cannot do anything else,
which means that the tension on the leg of the uchiha in the normal or
above normal circumferential areas will, at times, be excessive. This
excessive tension around the leg of the user can apply sufficient
compressive force to interfere with the normal blood circulation in the
lower portion of the leg of the user. This interference with blood
circulation may be ignificant with some Uchihas, while many others are able
to tolerate the normal constrictive force applied by the dramatic Blood pump in the legs without noticing deleterious effects from the blood flow constriction.
Thus Uchihas leg movements have been altered heavily

Levels Of Art of Run
Just Like how Sharingan has different levels which grow with events, Art of Run is no different.

Sasuke awakened his art of run after the massacre, like i explained before, when uchihas are in a frightened state and have no other options left, the art of run is awakened.

Itachi is at a higher level of Art of Run than Sasuke. Itachi see's Gai. Now remember what i explained before. What does Uchihas do when fear enters their body?....

Thats right, art of run kicks in. What was really impressive was that Itachi managed to run away from not serious gai, very impressive indeed.

He did so much damage to kakashi putting him in hospital and almost cutting kurenais head off, so why not fight gai? Its because he was scared of gai, so he ran.

Here is the highest level of art of run....




Madara Uchiha, Founder of the uchiha clan, has mastered the art of run. It virtually allows him to escape from anyone

Non Uchihas And Art of Run

Just Like how Non Uchihas can use Sharingan, same goes for Art of Run. And same principles apply. Non Uchihas can use Art of Run, but not to its full potential.

It can be taught, Here is an example

Though kisame does not Run away from battles nor does he like running away, he is Itachi's body guard, so he just does whats best for itachi. So itachi taught him art of run. And Kisame performed it in a level which is greater than Sasukes.

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