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    Bigotry in The Naruto Section...

    Ehem! Wall Of Text ALERT!

    I'm afraid this subject I intend to bring up has already a first class seat to the graveyard but it needs to be said... Specially by me! This is not something that bothers me deep enough, but enough is enough...Let a freak speak!>_>

    The forum is filled with hypocrisy and bigoted tards, as this manga inevitably attracts a fair amount of those people to the audience. Some serious, some joking. When someone posts a serious thread to express their opinion on a serious matter that he\her feels passioned about it'll either be agreed with as long as it supports you're favorite character or it'll be bound to be brought down since you're supporting a character that I dislike.

    Very few are open minded, even if they disagree, they don't block any possibilities to the idea, and if there aren't any possibilities they try and inform the poster how and why there aren't any, while not disrespecting.

    but those are overshadowed by the immaturity that declares a character = shit because they're not an unstoppable force who will never suffer a set-back of a defeat.

    And trying to yell down the mob of stupidity on the internet is like yelling at the ocean, expecting the tides to recede. Will never happen. This I have learned since I'm not a solid rock myself...


    The ones who are trolling will eat up your frustration like the bored parasites they are. And the other ones are too young and/or simpleminded to be changed anyhow.

    Try looking for a good open minded thread filled with good theories/facts and worth is getting more and more rare.

    All I see is VS this VS that... And Polls who say;

    'Strongest in Narutoverse of all time'

    while all the options you have is "Madara, Pain, Itachi, Sasuke and Naruto' or worse. And it gets more tiering when such limited simpleminded threads are taken serious.


    Aahh me and my Orochimaru 'obsession' as some would call it...

    See, I have been standing behind Orochimaru from start. When he was supposedly defeated and slaughtered by Sasuke, he had my full support. After he was inside Sasuke, almost everyone forgot about his existence and they kept claiming he was fodder, while I was attempting to remind them that he was no near fodder, he will make his return, I must admit. It seemed impossible since Sasukes will was portrayed as unbeatable. So Orochimaru was "dead".

    What happened? I was right, he was back.

    And yet again he was defeated by Itachi. People kept calling him, less then a fodder. Claiming he was d.e.a.d. And is now gone and should rest in piece.
    Databook stated hes presence was inside Kabuto, thus made my confidence in believing in him even higher.

    Example, When Kirabi was presumed to be owned by Sasuke, his popularity here immediately declined. Prior to that, you couldn't count the threads proclaiming him as awesome and win, but when Amaterasu rolled around, they were silenced. A couple chapters later, he's revived, and so was his popularity.

    I was not one of the people who hated on him, I liked him and will still like him as a character even if he were to be defeated by Konohamaru.

    The reason I like Orochimaru is because of the way Kishi created him every step. He is not invincibly, yet the possesses the potential, he will fail and he is not good, he is not nice to everyone thus he is bound to be unpopular, but most people fail to see the point of his entity.

    Ambition and dreams. Goals. Things one must exist for. Even Kishi stated in the databook:

    That ambition will never crumble!
    How Orochimaru could cross over the line of death to achieve "rebirth". The source of his tenacity is power of the "white snake" which governs rebirth.

    I admire people who fallow a certain character threw out the series and understand\relate\ be pleased with the actions that Kishi gives these characters... I know many reasonable Sasuke fans, Itachi fans, Gai fans, Tsunade fans, Jiraya fans... Whoever....And quite some of them that would debate me for hours on how I'm wrong. Yet still agree on disagreeing. Show some consistency. Accept logical reasonings... Some even change my mind on many things that I seem to not notice. Those are respectable, but there seem to be quit few of them here...

    Take a look;


    over 300 Uchiha threads and theories...

    So what happens when I make Orochimaru thread to express my opinion?


    This is just 0,1% out of 1000 bashing and naggings..

    Some claim, all I do is make Oro threads. Well I beg to differ:

    And even more.... Also everyone knows my polls are not limited to the options I prefer to be up there. So anyone who claim I only make Oro threads is obviously playing ignorant...

    Don't misread this thread, I didn't intend to specifically help or anything, I intended to bring out the problem with the people who flip sides, troll, and play deaf... and to show my appreciation for the open minded people who contribute with solid stuff and know how to separate seriousness from humor.
    People who replace denial with acceptance of the possibilities of theories.

    The people I respect the most are the one's who are faithful to a character. When their favorite character is down, wish them support, and when their at the top of his game cheer them on. And don't slander them when things look its roughest.

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    I've always liked you Freakshow, your without doubt, one of the best there is on mangashare. I always look forward to reading your topics.

    I agree with you, there are trillions of Uchiha topics, people saying Danzou is Madara, Danzou is Minato, god damn I've even read someone say that Danzou is Konohamarou!

    Some people, just enjoys annoying others (I've been there), they don't even read the whole topic and start posting crap.

    My favorite character must be Jiraya, because he is funny like hell, but I love Kakashi and Naruto aswell, Orochimaru might have been stronger than Jiraya, but as a Jiraya fan I will support him and provide all fake and real proof I can to make him look stronger than he is.

    Well well, another great topic! Good job.

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    sup freakshow, I can see where your coming from but the open-minded view is not present in your threads because those who tend to make theories or talk blatant BS without any proof and argue to know end on how exactly they are right tend to be but hurt fan boys making up excuses/embellishing their chosen characters history to make them more important. i as a logical person know that their is a chance that oro could be alive, in either kabuto or the white snake at the end of itachi's battle but i also know that that snake symbolises rebirth and could refer to sasuke being freed (given a new life) from oro people tend to belittle theory's to boost more hype about "sasuke having the eternal ms because his mangekyo has 6 points" that's just an example of the stuff we see that has no evidence to back it up (actually every thing in the manga pointed to it not being true) but you must see where i'm coming from here, fan boy's get jealous when they get no attention and have to take it from the lesser characters threads.
    hmm i wonder what obitos doing right now.... decomposing and smelling up the joint i gess coz hes dead!!

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    good job freakshow about time someone made this tread and if that came out sounding sarcastic sorry it isnt meant to be

    your right with orochimaru because some characters might be better off against other opponents like how shikamaru was able to beat hidan because of his intelligence and his long range ability unlike lee who specializes in taijutsu would most probrably lose.
    im not bashing lee he is my favourite character he was just the best example

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    Freaky, you make a good point...but maybe the reason you get labeled troll or whatnot is becuase the people here are prepubescent little kids. naruto is for kids or at least the forum is anyways.

    its time for us to grow up

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    I totally agree on your points. However I'll point this out to you:

    You have potential to be a great theorist. Just don't make everyone about Orochimaru! You have like 5 Orochimaru is strongest because of this, and Orochimaru is stronger then him and him. You have a lot of knowledge of the manga. Try to make more theory's, not just promoting that one character. Because it's really annoying to read through them time after time. I have read most of your other theory's, but you put most effort in the Orochimaru ones.

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    I say regardless of how "illogical" or "simpleminded" a person is, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and when someone gives there opinion, occasionally, a person comes and bashes that person's opinion/theory to hell. People of all ages use this website, and just because someone isn't on the same page as you, or their knowledge of the manga isn't great, just correct them and leave the thread alone. If they are stating facts that aren't true, simply correct them. I've been victim of this myself. When someone bashes my idea, I have a tend to do the same right back. On the other hand, I've never just told someone they are completely wrong. I simply state the facts in the manga, and go from there. Naruto can be like the bible. You can interpret the way that you want to. Some people interpretations might be different from others. You can believe what you want to believe. The truth will come to the light sooner or later in the manga.

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    Hey!!! You forgot to bash the thread that almost everyone seems to hate! The one that I made!

    Dare I say it?!?!?!

    72 hours of hell!

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    My response to Trolling:

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    Haha freakshow, that was a good read. Also I am glad to hear this coming from you, I kind of always noticed the way certain fanatics were/are. Although My PC isnt very high, I tend to always browse this forum even if i dont reply.

    I know that there is a certain line or balance that someone has to have, not just when it comes to debating or arguing about manga, but just stuff in general.

    People fail to see the line and go from facts and things that support your opinion or side and cross over to just babbling with your emotions. As just a person who just straight up enjoy's the manga and all of the characters that Kishi introduces us to, I understand what you are trying to say when we look at the Naruto fan community in general.

    But also, sometimes you just have to accept that there will always be people who can never seperate mind over matter.
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