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    While i'm reading this weeks chapter, im realizing just how strong jiraiya is. Kakashi himself who is a pretty bad ninja was struggling with one pain and had to call for back up against two. He is even amazed himself that jiraiya fought pain all by himself. I mean think about, honestly how many leaf ninja could fight pain by themselves and last more than two minutes. Orchi, prob. Itachi, maybe. after that you would have to start name hokages.

    Look how many leaf ninja are fighting just one of pain's bodies:

    SIX! SIX leaf ninja are fighting just one pain body and their getting no where. I dont care what anyone says about jiraiya, he was a ninja worthy of respect. He fought three pain bodies for a long period of time, and kinda killed them. He was so strong that pain had to call all six just to handle jiraiya, just one old lazy prevert ninja.

    I wasnt a big jiraiya fan before, but he is one bad ninja.

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    are you talking about that dead guy ?

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    Jairaya was and is BADASS. I all ways though he was strong. Its a shame that he's dead or is he???? dumb dumb da duuuummmmmmmmmmmb

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    well it was 3vs6 if you count mom and pa

    but Jiraiya had unlimited chakra too

    PS: Jiraiya was badass

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    Jiraiya > Most people in the manga.

    True story.


    Awesome, just awesome

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    jiraiya sama is a badass ninja, that all i gotta say

    Know his name: Jiraiya Sama of the legendary Sannin
    May he rest in peace and he will be sorely missed, the strongest out of all the three

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigjara View Post
    while I'm Reading This Weeks Chapter, Im Realizing Just How Strong Jiraiya Is. Kakashi Himself Who Is A Pretty Bad Ninja Was Struggling With One Pain And Had To Call For Back Up Against Two. He Is Even Amazed Himself That Jiraiya Fought Pain All By Himself. I Mean Think About, Honestly How Many Leaf Ninja Could Fight Pain By Themselves And Last More Than Two Minutes. Orchi, Prob. Itachi, Maybe. After That You Would Have To Start Name Hokages.

    Look How Many Leaf Ninja Are Fighting Just One Of Pain's Bodies:

    Six! Six Leaf Ninja Are Fighting Just One Pain Body And Their Getting No Where. I Dont Care What Anyone Says About Jiraiya, He Was A Ninja Worthy Of Respect. He Fought Three Pain Bodies For A Long Period Of Time, And Kinda Killed Them. He Was So Strong That Pain Had To Call All Six Just To Handle Jiraiya, Just One Old Lazy Prevert Ninja.

    I Was Always A Big Jiraiya Fan Cuz He Is One Bad Ninja.

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