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    Halloween Themed Anime

    Well on Halloween it is always nice to get together with friends and watch scary movies or whatnot but what about for otaku?

    Either because they feature this strange western holiday in it or help set the mood with darkness, spirits, gouls or whatnot what are some series to get you into the mood for Halloween?

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    Well I know that on Halloween my late-night anime of choice will be Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.

    Higurashi description below.

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    soul eater has a halloween esque theme you should definatley checc that out

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    Mouryou no Hako~!

    Er, I don't know, seemed appropriate.. xD

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    Soul Eater, D. Gray-man, Death Note, Claymore, Rosario Vampire, all of them are Halloween-esque.
    Perhaps Paranoia Agent and Serial Experement Lain to, but those are more so psychological than creepy.

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