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    dang for a second there i thought kakashi died and i would've been sad. his lightning techniques have come a long way.

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    kakashi is still the man, breaking out a lighting clone. and all of konoha should thank pa frog for giving them so much info on pain. without his input kakashi and everyone else would be dead.
    this chapter is making me think that pain will end up having to retreat. as they start figuring out what each realm does konoha will start defeating more of the pains. and he won't have time to revive them, while taking on a whole village. konoha just has too many ninja's, especially since tsunade will now be insta-healing everyone.

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    If I told u I would have to kill u.....upps I just did, so, BEWARE OF THE DOG
    i'm glad this is going to a way where Kakashi may live, like the chapter, but as you already know too short

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    It looks like pein might be retreating in the next chapters. With Tsunade healing everyone they might be to much for pein.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdw_WindStyle View Post
    Great chapter. I liked how the Akamichi clan is being shown because they haven't had a lot of face time compared to most other clans. I found it interesting that Kakashi said he can store chakra. I was wondering if he may have found a similar way to store his chakra as what Tsunade does with the purple diamond on her forehead. It would certainly make his low stamina less of an issue. I also liked the knew clone technique. I know it isn't exactly original, but I still like how you can make a clone from the element you have an affinity for. It'll be interesting if there will be wind, fire, and earth clones since we've already seen water and lightning in addition to the shadow clone.
    what i think kakashi said about him being able to store some chakra is that since Chouji and Chouza showed up he doesnt have to waste lots of chakra one the next move if they didnt show up, but u could be right too

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    Nice, Kakashi owns!

    Tsunade's not running away and there no Naruto! awesome chapter.

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    This chapter was GREAT! Im kinda proud and surprised on the move that Tsunade made, Since she is distributing her chakra to heal the injured villagers, we are definatley going to see her use that Purple diamond on her forehead soon. The technique used on page 4 looks hot. Chouji coming in to the picture was a good look. And next chapter seems to bee big on Pain and his abilities. Cant wait!
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    awesome chapter, kakashi is still the coolest baddest character in this anime, that lightning clone technique was awesome. and would somebody please use a fire jutsu to burn karin up or something. please

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    Amazing chapter....just goes to show how strong Jaraiya actually was

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharingan360 View Post
    awesome chapter, kakashi is still the coolest baddest character in this anime, that lightning clone technique was awesome.
    its not anime. but yeah, kakashi did show some skills, i bet sasgay cant do a lighting clone.. and konan is kicking ass i though she might have sucked are got her ass handed to her, but she is owning ppl


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