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    orch is a classic villain, but classic is a nice way of saying old. we need progression.

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    This is not to degrade Kakashi's strength, it only is to show the difference of effects people he met had on him, because on forums Orochimaru is severely underestimated. And this strongly proves why Orochimaru is top tier and should be acknowledged.
    oro is indeed one of the greatest ninja, he is in the same level as jiraiya, minato, 3rd and maybe the current kakashi. but you overestimate him a bit. he has an "amusing" personality but his achievement as a shinobi is only average

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    Kakashi is definetly stronger now then he was back then (pre time skip). Its obvious, he has MS. Plus a unique MS at that. Even his chidori is better, he can use it from long range now.

    But the thread is about Oro. Not a big Oro fan, but he's definitly top tier. Think about it. His jutsu's were out of this world. Not only that, when the Third sealed his arms away, he's on record as saying atleast you wont be able to use Jutsu's anymore. For the Third to be happy with only sealing his arms, that means the guy is strong. Only reason he couldnt handle Itachi is because of Itachi's Sharringan/MS. The only reason Saskue beat him is because he was in a weakend state, not Saskue's Sharingan. Not to mention, I dont think Oro is dead, I personally think Kabuto is going to fully turn into Oro. Oro's gonna be like "aaahh its good to be back", then he's gonna regurgitate a snake and try to rape Saskue. The only Villian thats better then Oro is Itachi and Pein. I would say Madara, but I dont know what he can do besides teleport and put out Amaterasu's flames (unconfirmed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mayanaya View Post
    oro is indeed one of the greatest ninja, he is in the same level as jiraiya, minato, 3rd and maybe the current kakashi. but you overestimate him a bit. he has an "amusing" personality but his achievement as a shinobi is only average
    Third and Jiraiya maybe, but I don't agree with him being as strong as Minato.
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    I dont know. Here are some reason why Oro is great, most if not all have been stated already.

    1.) Tons of original jutsu's...including immortality (kinda)
    2.) Established his own country (just like the First)
    3.) Perfected the curse seal (which significantly boost your power)
    4.) Was in line to become Hokage before Jman and Titnuade (only reason he didnt get it was cause he's evil)
    5.) Nobody ever ever took him lightly
    6.) Turned his body into a snake (his real body wasnt human anymore, that takes a genious)

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    actually...technically kakashi didn't freeze up at the moment. He was ready to do a chidori... but realized he couldn't have beaten him at the time after oro walked away. so he didn't pursue the conflict seeing as there was no immediate way of beating him at the moment.

    In terms of age and experience tho... Kakashi must be in his early or mid 20's.. oro is like 50+ with a younger body.... If you think about this particular circumstance, than yeah Oro was top tier at that point and time in the Manga. but alot has happened and more characters and information has been introduced for the readers to make comparisons on their own. with that being said then imo I would say Oro is only really as good as Kakuzu which in the data book Oro clearly overshadows him by a large amount of 2.5 points on the scale. but that being said the primary differences of the two would be sealing and intelligence.but in terms of being an actual threat then to me the two are on a equivalent level.
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