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    It'll end up with Sakura and Naruto.

    I see that the three of them, Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke will succeed where the Sannins didn't.

    For example,

    Naruto will marry Sakura (Jiraiya + Tsunade).

    Naruto will save his best friend, Sasuke (Jiraiya + Orochimaru)

    And a few other things that I don't feel like writing down.


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    Ino and Sai('cuz Ino likes being flattered, and Sail litends to tell her she's hot, while thinking she's ugly)
    Killerbee and Yugito Nii(c'mon, who HASN'T thought of this one?)
    Konan and Itachi(my fave male and female chars in Naruto)
    Naruto and Hinata(FTW)
    Neji and TenTen(again, FTW)
    Lee and Sakura(see above)
    Shikamaru and Yugao(Hayate's gf who swore to 'avenge his death' during the Sand Invasion of pt.1)
    Oro and Tsunade(Imagine the kids...Snakelike things with monster strength...It's like something out of a Kaiju movie)
    And, last but not least...
    Choji and...NO ONE!!!(haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaa!!! I'm SO evil!)

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