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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    Excuse me of my ignorance, but could ou provide a link showing where he said that?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    Regardless whether I'm serious or not, I called it as I see it. I'm not going to sugarcoat my post. If you can't take critism then you really shouldn't put yourself in a situation where it can be given. its not like I said this thread is stupid, and because you are just making shit up without any valid reasoning, all your efforts are pointless. In no shape ofr form was I out trying to demean him at all.
    How the hell am I making shit up? The only thing I said is that it's still possible that Nagato is the entity of the 6 Pains or that they could just be puppets being controlled and it's true, Kishi hasn't revealed that yet so it's still open to speculation. I can take criticism as well as anybody but the thing is what you're doing is not criticism,it's just nonsense that's made to look like criticism, doublespeak. You think I actually care if you're trying to demean him? I don't care about that, that's something more personal that I wouldn't get involved in. I'm just saying your comment was stupid and ignorant, sugar coating wouldn't have made it any better because it's not a post of criticism where sugar coating makes it look less critical it's a post of stupidity and ignorance where you shoot down someone's opinion without even thinking about all the possibilities, sugar coating would have done nothing. Saying something is invalid without knowing if it is or not is called ignorance. You think your opinion is right so much that everyone else's must be wrong even if there is a possibility. Nagato can be stronger than "Pain" or he could be weaker, I don't see what's so hard to understand. It's still open to debate, that's my main point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    I was using that at the OP not you.

    Ok lets see. First thanks for that link. Sugar coating wasn't directed towards you. Nor was the remark about criticism Really read my post.

    How was it stupid and ignorant? His whole argument is like saying who is stronger. A power of someone, or the person wielding the power. We know from the manga the bodies are being controlled. The entity of Pain has come from Nagato, so the only thing we can do or say the clear winner Nagato. The entity of Pain has a secret to hold from Nagato's presence. No other evidence points who is stronger between the two.
    I'm not arguing about that, I'm just saying that it could be either, even without evidence it's obvious it has to be one or the other. That answers your question and the rest of your post too. Anyways, continuing this is stupid. I'm just saying it is not clear which is stronger so we can't rule either one out, that's it.

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    Thx Shawshank for making EVERY post I would have posted myself lol! But HandBanana I seriously don't understand how you can't see the possibility in theory of Nagato and Pein being different.

    One scenario could be Nagato incapable of fighting on his own so beating the 6 Paths might leave him defenseless.

    Another scenario could be Nagato having the power of all 6 in one. But splitting them is 6 bodies may be more convenient.

    And another could be Nagato doesn't have a physical body anymore at all.

    And again another scenario could be Nagato himself being beyond anything the 6 Realms are capable of or any other ninja so far.

    Trust me I get what you're saying. Either way its all Nagato's power in the end. But there is a possible separation or the two. A simple way to put it is this, would Naruto have more trouble fighting the 6 Realms of Pein or Nagato 1 on 1?

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    This theory is on some heavy drugs...

    I agree with Banana Hand.. Handing a Banana.. Hand Bananana... Hand Banana, that the one in control of the bodies (i.e the 'puppet master' as I like to call him) is the strongest.

    Thus giving you the conclusion that Nagato is the strongest of the two.


    Awesome, just awesome

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    Pein IS Nagato...

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