I was re-watching the Konoha invasion arc when Orochimaru invades. I never thought about this before but the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, as it is pronounced in English, which was used to seal the Kyubbi into Naruto. It sealed part of Orochimaru's "Soul" and rendered his arms useless. The physical form of the arms was still there and did not get sealed. When Sarutobi sealed the souls from shodaime and Nidaime in the same fight; the bodys crumbled to dust. Now considering that, does the seal only seal the soul and not the physical body itself? or it destroys the physical body, but that had something to do with Edo Tensei. If this is the case, how come the Kyubbi is physically sealed within Naruto. Wouldn't the physical form of the Kyubbi be dead or destroyed?