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    Naruto Naruto 421 Discussion / 422 Predictions

    I don't know what happened with the previous thread (I've been absent), so just don't ask and discuss about the chapter here

    Discuss and predict away!

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    I liked the chapter. Wish there'd been a bit more of the Pein vs. Kakashi fight but Danzou really is looking interesting now. I predict Kakashi being too much for two Pein bodies and one or more coming to the fight in the next couple of chapters.

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    I liked this chapter very much. I'm wondering however, what is Danzou up to? I mean, I hate frogs, but...
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    I predict Danzou will feel the wrath of frogs and get bitch slapped, he richly deserves it.
    I also predict the 2nd God coming to fight kaka was just to let him feel utter hopelessness in the fact he stands no chance, a part of the whole you will feel pain thing.
    I'm hoping Gai saves the day and maybe Kaka can just pull off an MS.
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    other than Danzou wtfpwning the poor transmission frog (which I'm sure he'll end up paying for at some point).. we did learn a few things.

    1) god realm pain, on top of being the de-facto leader of the paths and master sealsman (sorry, had to do it), is the barrier path as well.

    2) whatever jutsu Naruto is secretly working on appears to be a long to uber-long range cutting/slicing attack (likely to be wind based, but all we've seen so far are the results, but based on the fact that he needs sage mode for it, it has to be extremely chakra intensive)

    3) Pain seems to have underestimated how quickly the leaf village's researchers could analyze the 'dead' animal realms body and find any kind of clue to how the paths work

    4) Sakura doesnt like giant centipedes

    5) Kakashi has a animal based shape manipulation variation to chidori/raikiri

    6) its going to be a fun fight from here on out
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    So tired of this. The frog had googles on. He had it coming sooner or later. Everyone throughout the series with goggles got hurt or killed

    Orbito: Dead
    Naruto: Sakura also broke his face
    Kohonamaru: See above
    Frog: Dead.

    Its acceptable with people with goggles to either die or get handed their ass to.
    I hope your theory holds true. Konohamaru's death or ownage would please me.

    Overall, nice chapter. I really want to know what Danzou's up to.

    Kakashi can handle two Pain, I think. If one more steps in, he may get in trouble.

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    I guess it would be a problem if Pein was actually worried about his leftover body from the beginning but since he wasn't, it must not be a big deal what the researchers find out to him.

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    I hope your theory holds true. Konohamaru's death or ownage would please me.
    I would rather see him get stronger than Naruto and become hokage before him lol...
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    There is more to Pein then just being dolls that are controlled by chakra receivers. There's a other secret. That's why Pein doesn't mind Konoha has a body.

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