okay, so have you noticed that in ALLLLLL the old pictures of madara, his left eye is the only one showing.



Well why now, is the only eye of his that we see, the right one?


I think that something here doesnt add up.

I also think its fishy that the only characters that have been hiding eyes until now how been very important and shocking to the plot, and most times it has had to do with a sharingan (madara and kakashi)

Danzou is hiding an eye
and an arm

Madara is hiding an eye
and an arm

and i know that people always knock on this idea, but i think that there is logic in it, and i think it has substance

the fact that the old and new pictures of him show different eyes proves that something is fucked up!

idk. just discuss and tell me im a retard if you want to..

But danzou and madara are connected
i promise