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    Minato - Is dead.

    Neji - Is on less Manga pages the effen KIBA! What kind of loser lets Kiba outshine him?

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    I dare you
    Quote Originally Posted by Immortal-JyNxX View Post
    Minato - Is dead.

    Neji - Is on less Manga pages the effen KIBA! What kind of loser lets Kiba outshine him?

    oh and hey... Sasuke is gay... :( i really liked him at start... he still my favorite character *cough* on Naruto, and hes gay .,., he left Konoha for Powaaaa, he needed more... Hatred... <.<

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    lee needs to drink more boos

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    Hinata has never found the guts to tell Naruto how she really feels, and will likely lose him to Sakura if she cant find a way to tell him

    Neji and Konohamaru seem like they would be great characters to develop, yet have seen little or no face time in the last 100'ish chapters (konohamaru since part 2 started, neji since the gaara retrieval arc). its hard to decide if you really like/not like a character if you hardly ever see them.

    Oro had the potential to be a great overall villian.. brutal, utterly sadistic.. but he never really recovered from when the 3rd sealed away the use of him arms. Training the 'weakest Uchiha' for 3 years, just to keep an eye on him, was such a monumental mistake it isnt funny.. you give him power and nurture him so you can have the 'perfect' body to take over.

    Obviously he didn't learn the lesson Itachi taught him from the first time he tried. It would've been better to, while still training Sasuke, keep him as weak as possible so that the taking over process even has a chance. instead, he gets Sasuke as strong as possible for an Uchiha without activating MS. And he had pretty much TOTAL mastery over the cursed seal. he said it himself right before Sasuke took him out (middle right panel).

    Now, we come to our title character.. He has 2 weaknesses that stick out way more than the others. The first is hes too hopelessly optimisitc when it comes to Sasuke. Even Itachi, who joined Atakuski after he killed off his entire clan to prevent a civil war in the leaf, saw that Sasuke might not be able to be saved after he finally got his revenge. If/when sasuke comes back to destroy the village and the elders who pushed Itachi to the extremes he had to, will Naruto see that saving Sasuke simply might not be possible?

    Weakness #2 is he's so dense when it comes to girls its laughable. Literally the entire village knows how Hinata feels about Naruto, yet he can't see it (or has Sakura on the brain, possibly because secretly enjoys the beatings.. like j-man secretly enjoyed nearly getting beaten to death by tsunade)
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    Pain - He's too godly. er...and his first 6 bodies where all male, that's instant fail. Takes his sweet time to show the world true pain, just finish kakashi already!

    Naruto: Let Sasuke beat him(i think he did), hasn't sexed up Hinata yet, seriously why not? Pretends not to be a genius when he knows he is, acts like an idiot and wants to be hokage to much. Oh and doesn't admit or acts like he doesn't know but probably does - the 4th is his father.

    Gai - Isn't on screen/panels enough, let that boring Yamato replace as Kakashi's partner in ass kicking. Still hasn't beat up a god, still hasn't adopted Lee, hasn't defeated the original Kisame yet, has to defeat kakashi by a large score before is likely death and hasn't unlocked enough gates.

    Tsunade - Finally stood up to the elders! So now she just has to sex up Shizune, you know she wants to, there's sexual tension in the air, that's why she turned down the j-man, she gave up on men after Dan.

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    Pein taking orders from Madara, i don't like that

    And Madara wanting Sasuke

    I think Sasuke is gay, he turns down all the ladies

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    Shikamaru: All he can do is hide in the shadows because his taijutsu is crap.

    Kakashi: His stamina is crap

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    wow! i was amazed at freakshow saying something negative about oro!

    kakashi: his stamina sucks!

    itachi: never showed us his true potential, died with only few fights showed to us, gave his powers to sasuke, who didnt deserve them.

    sasuke: makes the worst choices in life, his goals make him look stupid, too many free powerups.

    naruto: taking too long to become a moderate ninja at least, he's strong, but a crapy ninja.

    jman: ummm, he was great! its a shame his dead.

    minato: actually, kishi is the one to blame, hasnt shown enough of the strongest shinobi in narutoverse history.

    oro: his obsesion blinded him to the point he looked stupid, specially losing to a weaker shinobi because of that same obsesion.

    pain: get some kind of personality! he's like a robot!

    shikamaru: he should have worked more on his basic shinobi skills. his intelligence makes up for it, but he would have been almost invencible if he had better stamina, speed, taijutsu, strenth and seals.

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    gai: some time he ask stupid

    naruto: for being light weight dumb

    rock lee: cause he does not drink enough


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